Thursday, May 15, 2014

May 15, 2014

     Good afternoon. I am really running late today. It seems like such a busy time of the year. I must say I feel much better now that I am over busy than I did when it was cold and I was stuck inside all the time. I love to be outside in nature even though I will do everything I can to not be in the hot direct sun of mid day, on a hot sunny day. I love that I have a large porch with a swing on it that I can enjoy being outside and still be in the shade. Also I can get Mom outside and we can sit on the porch a good bit when it is warm. I will go out and work on the garden and flower beds early in the morning or late in the evening before the sun gets over the hill and after the sun goes behind the hill.
     Yesterday we got a good storm, lots of hail and rain. I love being out on the porch and watching it storm. I must have got that love of storms from my Mom, she use to love to be outside and watch the it storming. I brought some hail inside to show Mom yesterday, she would have been to cold outside and she doesn't like getting rained on anymore, but she liked watching the storm out the window. The ditch in front of the house isn't really a ditch anymore it needs to be cleaned out. All the water now comes into the yard and there is no way to plant in the spot that I wanted to plant the wheat and buckwheat. Also where I have planted the regular garden for the last couple years gets flooded too, I thought all my plant were going to get washed away but they seem to have survived, thankfully.
     Today is my sister M and brother-in-law G's Anniversary, Happy Anniversary ! Have a good time at our beach. They are at the beach where my husband and I go to every year and where we got married. I must say I am a little jealous but it will be just a little over a month and we will be there. I can't wait to go on vacation and get away from all the responsibilities at home.
     The baby chicks are growing. They are getting so fat, they sure eat a lot. They all are getting a lot more feathers. They have wing, tail, and neck feathers. Hopefully we will have nice days, without rain, on my husbands next days off work so we can finish the chicken coop. They will soon be to big for their tote.
     I need to go. The day is going by way to fast. Have a good day.

                                                        April Whitehair 

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