Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

     Good morning. I had a great weekend alone with my husband. Mom spent most of the weekend with my sister. Saturday we went to the Buckwheat festival. Way to many people, we are not big fans of large crowds. I did get some buckwheat seeds and a couple wheat berries, both good for my seed supply. I also got a funnel cake and some craft and sewing ideas. I just enjoy spending some alone time with my husband. The drive was nice with all the leaves beginning to change colors. Saturday evening we bought our new couch and brought it home. With help from my sister and brother-in-law to get the old couch out and the new couch in. We got it at Big Lots, it was the cheapest place around and the couch is very nice, I am very happy with it. Now I want the matching recliner to go with it.
     Mom returned Sunday, yesterday, around noon. She seemed to have had a good time. My sister and brother-in-law looked very tired. It is hard work keeping Mom entertained, safe and happy. Mom also got to spend time with two of her grandsons, she loves those young men so much. It is good for her and them to spend time together.
     I bought a baby monitor so I can now sleep in my own bed at night instead of the couch. Last night was the first night using it. It worked very well.
     My husband just left to go out of town for work for the week. He will be gone for six weeks but home on the weekends. I don't know what I will do without him. He is my support. Every evening he helps me with Mom when her dementia is at its worst. Now with him gone I don't know how I will be able to cope or stay calm or even get dinner cooked and on the table. I guess I will just do it, one minute, one second at a time. I am going to miss him so much.
     I better go, Mom will be awake any minute. Have a good day.

                                                                   April Whitehair

Saturday, September 28, 2013

September 28, 2013

     Good morning. I really thought I would sleep in this morning but I guess I am just use to waking up early. Mom is at my sister's for the weekend. Yes, I finally get some time off, longer than a couple hours. I am so thankful for my sister and her husband, they understands the stress of caring for someone with Alzheimer's and are willing to step in and offer a helping hand.
     So last night my husband and I was able to go out together, alone. We ate at Ruby Tuesday's, ate way to much. It was very yummy but we spent more money than we like to for a meal. We stopped at a couple furniture stores, looking for a couch. We didn't buy one. The cheapest was  over $800 and that was on sale.  So we looked at Big Lots which my sister suggested and we found one for a little under $300. Today we will borrow the brother-in-law's truck, thank you, and go pick it up. I am so happy to be getting a couch that doesn't smell like pee of any kind!
     Today we plan on getting out of the house and doing something, anything. So I need to get off this computer and get the day started. Have a good day.

                                               April Whitehair

Friday, September 27, 2013

September 27, 2013

     Good morning. My headache decided to return last night with a vengeance. I knew it wasn't really gone just hiding. Now I feel very bad and Mom has decided to wake up early. I so hope that this headache doesn't last all weekend or it will make the weekend alone with my husband a very bad one. 
     The bath aide that comes and helps Mom get a shower, came yesterday. I am so happy to have someone to talk to that does this kind of work all the time. She gave me an idea that for some reason I had never thought about, maybe someone sometime had said this same thing but it did not register. She said I need a baby monitor so I could sleep in my bed again instead of sleeping on the couch. That seems so simple. The only thing I can think that it might cause problems with is if she wakes me up she might also wake my husband up as well and he has to sleep and get up early to go to work. I told him the idea and he thinks it is a good one. I will get one this weekend and try it when she gets back from spending the weekend with my sister.
     I had a moment of total breakdown yesterday evening. I do so well taking care of Mom during the day until after dinner then the sundowners sets in and she is a completely different person. For those of you that don't believe that sundowners is a real thing come down and hang out with Mom for one evening and see the change for yourself. I broke down, thankfully my husband was here to take over for me. I had to leave and sit outside. This is the first time I broke down and cried since she came home from the hospital. To tell you the truth I think my emotional distress was greatly increased because once I went outside I realized that the front porch steps that I usually sit on to think and regroup was gone. Replaced by a wheelchair ramp like a month ago. This is the first time I realized how much I had depended on the steps as a get-a-way location. A place I have went to all my life to cry or just clear my head or to think things through. Setting on the edge of the porch just isn't the same. After my husband got Mom settled down and setting in the recliner, safe and sound, he came out and sat with me. Let me vent and cry on his shoulder. How am I going to make it though the weeks to come when he is out of town for work?
     I need to go. Have a good day.

                                                          April Whitehair

Thursday, September 26, 2013

September 26, 2013

     Good morning. Yesterday's migraine headache is finally gone. I was so sick with it I was unable to post anything. But this morning is a lot better already, coffee in hand, birds chirping outside, and Mom snoring in her bed. Having a migraine while taking care of someone with Alzheimer's isn't fun. I tried to lay down on the couch and rest, knowing that if I could have slept for a little bit it would have went away, but that didn't work. Mom would say, "What's wrong?" Me, "I have a headache." Her, "Sorry." Two minutes later, Mom, "What's wrong?" Repeat, repeat, repeat, and repeat. So I never did get to sleep till last night.
     Today I will be getting Mom packed for her weekend with her oldest daughter and son-in-law. I am very excited to have a couple days off to spend time with my husband before he goes out of town. I think I am most excited to sleep in my own bed. Hopefully this weekend we can find a new couch, this old one is starting to hurt my back. I was looking at a futon from Ollie's that was in the sales paper but I seen it in the store on Monday and it is very small. Long enough for short me to lay on just fine but it seems miniature, probably made for a small apartment. But it was very soft and comfy. I will be looking at other places and see if I can find something a little bigger.
     I need to be going. I hear Mom moving around in bed, she will be up soon wanting breakfast. Have a good day.

                                                                     April Whitehair 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 24, 2013

     Good morning. Yesterday I was able to go out and get some grocery shopping done. I wanted to stock up on some food that Mom and I will need for when my husband goes out of town here in about a week. I don't know what I will do without him. He is my calming, my strength, my shoulder to cry on. He will be gone all week then home on the weekends for a whole month for training for his job. I think I may go crazy. I am so use to being able to talk to him in the evenings and vent. I will feel so alone...
     Though Mom is physically getting better everyday, mentally she is getting worse everyday. My husband said he thinks her medicine has stopped working. I think it is just the disease progressing. The time spent in the hospital didn't help things either.
     So my rose tinted glasses that I was remembering fall through has now come off. I forgot how much I dislike the cold, not as much as I dislike being hot, but the cold isn't fun either. And it isn't actually cold yet. I just can't be happy I guess. 
     I have a lot of cleaning to do. Have a good day.

                                                                    April Whitehair                                                     

Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013

     Good morning. Yesterday I decided not to post. Honestly I logged on to Blogger but felt that I shouldn't write anything. Maybe by that one decision I have decided to keep the Sabbath holy or as holy as I can. There are things in my life at this time that I can not neglect for a day.
     Mom is doing well, full of spunk. Crabby as ever. Her Alzheimer's creates problems, she doesn't remember breaking her hip or being in the hospital for 12 days. She will argue that there is nothing wrong with her. Even when I show her the discharge paper from the hospital that has her name on it and the diagnosis of a broken hip, she doesn't believe it. I am so afraid she will fall again. She thinks she can walk all by herself but when she tries she stumbles all over. She says she doesn't want to use the walker because people will think she is old.
     One of her daughters stopped down for a visit on Saturday evening. Even though Mom may have not remembered her name while she was here, Mom did think of her all night. Every time she yelled for me throughout the night she would yell her name. I just wish that everyone would understand that even though her mind may not work like it use to the soul/spirit is the same.
     It is time to get Mom up and the day started. Have a good day.

                                                              April Whitehair

Saturday, September 21, 2013

September 21, 2013 Slow cooker chicken and dumplings.

     Good morning. Mom was awake early this morning which means that I was awake early this morning. I can't seem to stop yawning. Coffee can start working anytime now.
     I finally got Mom's nails cut yesterday then the bath aide came and painted her nails. I didn't think a shower two days in a row was necessary and Mom hates them. It is so nice to have someone come here and spend time with Mom. Someone to distract her and entertain her. I am no fun for her anymore. I was able to go in the laundry room and do laundry without going to check on her every minute. She has been getting up all on her own and trying to walk. She is definitely getting better.
     I was able to collect more lettuce seed yesterday. My seed stockpile is getting bigger and bigger. I have been looking into aquaponics. Aquaponics is a grow system that has fish in a tank with plants growing on top. The fish feed the plants and the plants feed the fish. I found a small tank system that I would like to have to try this but it is expensive to me. You can make your own but all I can find directions for is very large systems. I just want one that would sit on the kitchen counter and grow herbs. I showed my husband and told him to put it on my Christmas wish list. I think there may be small aquaponic systems available cheaper as we get closer to Christmas.
     I found a recipe on face book the other day and decided to try it, slow cooker chicken and dumplings. It was what was for dinner yesterday. I was wonderful! We all liked it, my husband even went back for thirds. It was very easy. This is my interpretation of that recipe.
     Boneless skinless chicken tenderloins, cut into 1 inch pieces
     Two cans of cream of chicken soup
     Three cans of water
     Two Tablespoons butter
     Half an onion diced
     Put all in a slow cooker. High for 5 hours and 30 minutes.
     One tube of Grands biscuits, each biscuit torn into fourths. Roll in flour. Drop into slow cooker.             
     Continue cooking for 30 minutes.
     Stir and serve.

      Have a good day.

                                                         April Whitehair


Friday, September 20, 2013

September 20, 2013

     Good morning. Mom did well with her physical therapy yesterday. She is walking better each day but she doesn't like using the walker. I am wondering if a cane would work better?  I will talk to the physical therapist on Tuesday. She had her first visit by the bath aide yesterday. I had always gave her a shower by myself but with this broken hip and her decreased use of the left leg I was to scared to try and get her in the shower by myself. So the aide came to the house and gave her a shower. It was nice to have someone who does this kind of stuff all the time to teach me ways to do things that I never thought of. Mom did well for her. Mom was very nice to her, me on the other hand I can't do anything right in her eyes.
     Other than Mom I don't have anything to talk about. My life is far from boring but it just sounds like it when I try to write about it. So I shall not bore you anymore. Have a good day.

                                                      April Whitehair

Thursday, September 19, 2013

September 19, 2013

     Good morning. It is way to early for me to be awake this morning but Mom needed my assistance earlier. So since I am awake I might as well start my day. I just wish Mom would take a nap during the day so I could too. Today is her physical therapy day so I doubt that we will even get a chance to try.
     My sister was down yesterday to stay with Mom so I could get out of the house for a while. I am enjoying reconnecting with her. Our lives have seemed to be so different for so long that we had grown apart, each just trying to live our own lives. I love all my sisters. It is nice to get to talk about thoughts and feelings and remember things from our childhood. I also think it is funny that her youngest son is alike me in some ways, my poor sister. I am grateful to have someone who understands the stress of taking care of Mom, and the sadness of watching her become someone that we don't know. It is very hard to be here for Mom, she is like someone I never knew not the Mom that loved me and cared for me, the Mom I would talk to when I had a problem, the Mom I knew that no matter what I did she would support me. How could I turn my back on her? How could I walk away and never see her or visit with her? How could I allow my selfish desires to keep me away from her? How could I abandon her just because seeing her makes me sad?
     I need to go get the day going. Have a good day.

                                                                   April Whitehair

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 18, 2013

     Good morning. Mom is still in bed and I am up with coffee in hand. Yesterday's physical therapy went well. She is walking so much better than before. During therapy she was very contrary to me. I am pretty sure she hates me. Anything I say she disagrees or will say, "How would you know." She definitely has a mean streak. I try not to take it to heart. She kept trying to secretly tell the physical therapist that we will not let her go home. She just wants to go home and see her mommy and daddy she says. It is heart breaking to see your own mother cry because she wants to see her mother and father who has died around thirty years ago. As a nurse you are taught to always reorient but at times I think that is cruel. So following my training as a nurse I should tell her every time she asks to see her mom that her mom is dead, this makes her sad and she cries and morns the loss of her mother. And repeat this several times a day. That to me is just cruel! I would rather just change the subject. When reorientation does not work cruelty is not the answer.
     Update on my trying to do yoga. Well I think I have actually tried to do yoga once since then. But I have done normal regular exercises on the yoga mat a time or two. Crunches, push-ups, squats and things like that. My problem is the time of day I am trying to workout. I would like to exercise at night after I put Mom to bed but by then I an so exhausted that doing anything, moving period is just not going to happen. So I really need to find a different time of day to exercise. I am busy all day so I don't know when it would be.
     I must go and get the day started. Have a good day.

                                                                    April Whitehair 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 17, 2013

     Good morning. I am so sleepy this morning. I did get some sleep but I am just tired of waking up every couple of hours. I need eight hours of uninterrupted sleep to put me back on track. Oh well. We got the cabinet moved out of the way of the bathroom door so Mom can get through with her walker. That cabinet had been in that same place longer than I have been alive. It looks so strange for it not to be there. I did have to get rid of a corner cabinet to have a place to put the other cabinet. I had to pack away a lot of glassware. Mom has way to many knick-knacks. I am not big on that kind of stuff. If it is not useful than why have it. I understand sentimental reasons for keeping something but a lot of the stuff she has came from the church rummage sale and there is no sentimental reason for keeping it. But it is not my stuff to do anything with. That puts me in a difficult spot. All I can do is pack it away and one day my sisters and I will have to sort it all.
     Yesterday I had a few hours off. My sister came down and took care of Mom so I could get out of the house. I went to the courthouse and paid Mom's taxes, shopped at the Dollar store for supplies for Mom, and stopped and picked up lunch for the three of us. Not a very fun and exciting outing but I got some things accomplished that needed done. I keep saying one of these times that I get to get out of the house I am going to do nothing, find some where to sit and be in nature. I just keep finding things I need to do.
     I need to go get to cleaning. I have never yet seen the bottom of the laundry basket. Have a good day.

                                                                       April Whitehair

Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013

     Good morning. Yesterday was a good day. We were invited to my uncle's birthday party. I was glad to be able to take Mom, she needed to get out of the house. She had been cooped up in here for 11 days. She was able to go see other people and talk to a few.  A little upsetting to see people avoid her, she doesn't have the plague!! But it was also nice to see a few be nice to her and go out of their way to be kind and helpful. After we returned home Mom was very tired and took a nap, so did my husband. Peaceful and quiet Sunday afternoon. I do miss going to church but I understand that other things have my priority right now and I am sure God understands. I still do my Sunday school lessons and I try to keep the Sabbath holy as much as I can.
     Last night was a crazy night. I didn't get to sleep well. Mom slept great though. I blamed Mom for urinating on the couch but I was wrong. Very, very wrong! Anyway I am sure I have figured out the couch puddles culprit and now Mom's cat is banished from the house. At 4am I was standing in the bedroom crying and saying, "It was not me, I have proof." My wonderful husband got up and stayed up to listen for Mom so I could sleep in bed. Sleeping in my own bed for the first time in 11 days was wonderful. Though I had to get back up so my husband could leave for work only a few hours later.
     I have a lot to get done today. Have a good day.

                                                             April Whitehair

Sunday, September 15, 2013

September 15, 2013

     Good morning. It is cold this morning. Fire is lit in the kitchen to take the chill out of the air so Mom wont freeze when she wakes up. She hates the cold.
     We, mostly my husband, got the flooring installed in the bathroom yesterday. It looks so good. It was a lot more work than we thought it would be and it took all day. My part isn't completed yet. I still have to put stuff back. The large things are back in there, it is just the small clutter that I am wanting to sort before putting it back. I tried to help my husband as I could but most of my day is spent keeping an eye on Mom. After my husband got the floor done he really wanted to show Mom, so we got her up and walked her to see it. But her walker wont fit through the doorway. There is a cabinet that sits just outside the bathroom that will have to be moved so she can get in there. I was hoping the walker would fit, I knew that the wheelchair wouldn't. The last thing I want to do is move that cabinet, where am I suppose to find a place to put it?
     I am on the search of a new couch. I hope I can find one someone is giving away instead of having to buy a new one. I don't care what color, shape, or size it is. As long as it doesn't have human and animal urine all over it than it will be in better shape than the one I have now.
     I have a headache and I am going to go try to get rid of it before Mom wakes up. Have a good day.

                                                                 April Whitehair

Saturday, September 14, 2013

September 14, 2013

     Good morning. It is very chilly this morning. I am in sweat pants and a sweat shirt and I love it. A hot cup of coffee in my hand, what more could I ask for. Maybe a solid nights sleep. Mom woke up every couple hours, which means I also woke up. To say I am sleepy would be an understatement.
     Today is going to be a busy day. Today we replace the flooring in the bathroom. As I had said before the old linoleum has large lumps that make it unsafe for Mom to walk on now as she is learning how to walk with her broken hip. We, mostly my husband, will be removing the old linoleum and its under padding (not sure what that's called, I remember putting it down when I was in high school and it looked like cardboard), and putting down vinyl floor tiles. This should be an interesting day. Why vinyl floor tiles? They are just about the cheapest thing to put on the floor. I just hope it looks good when its done and is safer for Mom. In the store they looked like there was a lot of green in them, but once I got them home my sister said they looked more grey then green. Oh well. If they look green after they are installed then when I go to paint the bathroom I might paint it green as well. I have been trying to figure out what color to paint it, now I will let the floor tell me.
       I went out yesterday and looked at what is left of the garden. The birdhouse gourd plants have grown a lot and there are several baby gourds on them. But they are still dying when they get a certain size. Not sure what the cause is maybe a vitamin deficiency, not enough sun, or to much rain this summer. I am not sure if I will try to grow them again next year or not. If I do I will plant them some where different. I am still collecting sunflower seeds. If I would plant all the seeds I have next year I would have at least an acre of sunflowers alone.
     I must go. I hear Mom is awake again. Have a good day.

                                                   April Whitehair

Friday, September 13, 2013

September 13, 2013 Pride.

     Good morning. Mom woke up very, very early this morning. I was able to talk her into going back to sleep but now I tried to wake her up to get her ready for the day and she says she isn't feeling well. I asked what part of her wasn't feeling well and she said all of her. I hope she isn't coming down with something. Maybe she just wants to sleep in, she has been waking up early for a while now.
     Mom did so great with the physical therapist yesterday. She walked from the recliner to the kitchen, rested, then walked to the couch. I was so happy that her therapist was able to see that she can actually do it. Every time they would come she would be having a bad day and would only walk a few feet. So I have been using the wheelchair less and having her walk more. Pain and fear still are issues but she can do it.
     After a warm few days this morning there is a chill in the air. I see the leaves outside of the kitchen window are dying and changing colors. I am so glad that fall is finally coming. The brisk air energizes me and makes me thankful. I am looking forward to the fires being lit and sitting in a warm house looking outside to a snowy winter scene. No, I take that back I don't look forward to the snow I just don't want the heat of summer anymore.
     I have been having an internal debate about pride. I have used the word pride a couple times in my postings and every time I have wrote that word I have cringed. I am debating whether pride is a sin or not. According to much that I have read, yes pride is a sin. But I just don't see how a parent being proud of their child's accomplishments is a bad pride. Or how a person feeling pride of community or country is sinful. So as with most of my questions I referred to the Bible for guidance. I am not a theological scholar, I am just a regular person searching for answers. Never once can I find any mention of God being prideful of his Son, well pleased yes, prideful no. Nor can I find any instances of Jesus being prideful. If my goal is to be more Christ-like than how can I justify my pride. I can however find scriptures about pride being sinful. "Pride goeth before destruction,..." Proverbs 16:18, just to name one of many. I know that I do not understand all things and this area is one I will have to pray about. I will pray for understanding, I will pray that while I am learning to understand that I do not let my prideful nature bring me to destruction. The life of a Christian is not a life of perfection but a life of learning. A life of caring, for others and caring about doing what is right in the eyes of the Lord even if you don't quite understand why.
     I must go tend to Mom. Have a good day.

                                                                April Whitehair 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 12, 2013

     Good morning. I didn't get to wake up before Mom and get to drink my coffee alone this morning. But Mom is up sitting next to me eating breakfast and asking me all kinds of questions. I so need this coffee to kick in soon.
     I got my seed of the month club seeds yesterday. Yeah! I get so excited over seeds.  I got Sunflower, grey stripe. I know like I really need more sunflower seeds, these are different than the ones I have been growing for years, these are eatable. I have been wanting to start growing eatable ones and now I have seeds to do just that. I also got Mustard, wonderful red, they are like purple colored greens. I have never tried these before it will be interesting. I also got Nasturtium, glorious gleam. I showed Mom this pack and she knew how to pronounce this name and said it was just a flower, but according to the pack it says you can eat the young leaves and flowers and they taste like watercress and can be used in salads. I also got Onion, red grand. My husband said he had never seen onions grown from seed, we shall see if we can grow onions from seeds next summer. It feels good to be collecting so many seeds. Hopefully next summers garden will be filled with lots of variety.
     So I couldn't wait any longer to try my green beans that I canned. The first time I tried to can anything. The canning was a success but the green beans not so much. I learned a very good lesson, when it says to use slightly immature green beans they really mean it. Well the fact that I was not here to pick and can them before they got over ripe is really not my fault. The green beans were blue lake, stringless. I know GMO- OMG!! I bought and planted them before I understood the reasons for not growing GMO seeds. Gardening is a learning experience. Anyway when we ate them I realized that they had strings, very big hard strings. I am thinking that the fact that I let them linger on the vine so long before picking and using them caused the strings to develop. We had ate some about a month ago when some were just ready and they didn't have strings. Oh well live and learn. So the 8 pints of green beans that I have left from my canning experiment will be put in the back of my shelf and kept to be used when we are in need. Like if we get a big snow storm this winter that keeps us from getting to the store for a long time. I told this to my husband and he agreed. He said that we may just be grateful to have jars of green beans, strings and all.       
      I need to go see if I can do anything for Mom. Have a good day.

                                                           April Whitehair

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11, 2013

     Today is a day of remembrance. A day to look back and remember what you were doing when you heard the news of the terrorist attack. A day to remember how it made you feel. A day of sadness and reflection. Also this day makes us proud of how our country stood together in support of those that lost someone most special to them. Proud of how we all felt a sense of loss even if we did not know anyone personally who was lost. Pride in our first responders. Those that lost their lives and those that are our local first responders, knowing that they would have gave their own lives if this terrorist act had happened closer to home. Pride in community and our ability to persevere.
     Something so horrendous can be a building block of strength. Strength, that those of my generation that had never experienced terror and war like our parents and grandparents faced, to survive and rebuild.
     Though there is a lot of unhappiness among the people of our country. Today is a day we can step back and remember the emotions of a day and time when we all stood together. When we all held our breaths. When we all said a prayer. When we all cried.   
     The American spirit rang through the country side of all America as people, like my Mom and my cousin, who raced to the church to ring the church bell. Raising an alarm to those who may not have heard the news and ringing the bell of reassurance that hope is still alive.
     God bless and carry the spirit of love and hope with you through out the day.

                                                                  April Whitehair

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 10, 2013 Yoga

     Good morning. Yesterday's day out for me was wonderful. I may have been gone for only around three hours but it was a good three hours. Every stop, except one, that I made was a stop to get something for Mom so I didn't really forget about my responsibilities at home. Dollar store to look for the kind of adult diapers that the hospital uses, no luck. Family Dollar to price check the floor tiles that I want to put on the bathroom floor, the linoleum in there is getting old and has big lumps, not safe for Mom to walk on now. Ollie's, bought the floor tiles and raised toilet seat that Mom needs. KFC, that stop was just for me. Kroger's, needed cheese, cereal, and snack items for Mom. And finally IGA for bleach that was on sale, need lots of this to wash bed pads. So as you can see even when I am away my mind is always on Mom.
      I appreciate my sister helping me so much. She is coming back tomorrow so I can get a break again. I thought I might just hid in my room and take a nap or just drive around but now I need to go back to Ollie's and return the raised toilet seat. I don't like it and think that using it will cause more problems than it will help.
     I didn't think I would talk about this but I am drawn to tell you. I am starting to do yoga. I have no idea what I am doing. And it is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I so need to loose weight and get into shape. I bought myself a yoga mat yesterday. Why yoga? Though it may sound crazy it is because of Elissa from Big Brother 15. I was watching it while staying in the hospital with Mom. Boy that girl is in shape! She is a yoga instructor, I think. While in the hospital I learned a couple yoga moves from the internet and tried them locked in the bathroom of Mom's hospital room. A search for yoga routines on the internet resulted in many, many different kinds and types. Something for anyone, I thought. So last night I told my husband and my Mom that I was going to hid in the bathroom and do yoga. My husband as always was very supportive, Mom had no idea what I was talking about. The first video I started was extremely boring, seriously the first ten minutes was just laying on your back breathing. I had to stop that one, I was going to fall asleep, not what I call a workout. The second one was stretches. Not to sure about that one. I needed a wall to work beside and I didn't have one with out something between us. So I stopped that one. Then the last one I tried was a so called beginners routine. Ha! The people on the video didn't have an ounce of fat on them and even the 'beginner' in the video was just about the skinniest, most in shape man I had ever seen. There was no way I could compare my positioning to his. But I did the exercises in this video for about ten minutes, only the upper body. I think my boobs might have gotten in the way of some of the moves, because that male beginner didn't have the trouble that I did. Anyway I don't plan on stopping trying to learn yoga. I will just look for a better, true beginner routine that I can learn from. I hope I can stick with it and actually get into better shape. I will keep you posted. My shoulders are sore this morning so the little that I did must have done something last night.
     I must go get Mom up and ready. She has physical therapy this morning. She is walking better and better. Her fear is holding her back. Maybe the physical therapist will teach me new things to help her. Have a good day. 

                                                               April Whitehair

Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013 First time canning !

     Good morning. Mom is awake already, eating breakfast. She woke up way to early for me this morning. I usually have time to drink a cup of coffee or two before she wakes up. Well we will just have to make the best of it. Today my sister is going to come down and help me with Mom. It will be nice to get some help. My husband can only do so much. I feel that certain things are inappropriate for a son-in-law to do for his mother-in-law. But if he needed to do them I know he would, and not complain about it. I have not been able to leave the house for longer than 30 minutes at a time, once to the dollar store and once to a cousin's yard sale. I am afraid she will have to pee while I am gone and I don't want to put my husband it that situation. So while she is here I may see if I can go somewhere, anywhere to recharge. I am needing to buy floor tiles for the bathroom, I may go to the store and look at those.
      Yesterday I finally got to use my birthday present. I canned for the first time ever. I canned green beans from my garden. I had enough beans for nine pints.

     I as very worried that I would do something wrong and they would not turn out right. But they sealed and they look good. We will have to see how they taste. Now that I have done it I think it is very cool. I am trying to find other things to can. I have a Christmas wish already, I want the set of accessories that you use for canning. I have the funnel, and the lid magnet but I don't have the head space ruler and I thought I had a jar lifter but I can't find it. I think my husband was impressed that I actually canned something.
     I must go clean this house before my sister gets here. Have a good day.

                                                                      April Whitehair

Sunday, September 8, 2013

September 8, 2013

     Good morning. I have been to busy with Mom to check the garden lately so I made myself go out and see what was going on this morning. Insert super sad face here! My husband's biggest pumpkin has rotted, it was only just a little bigger than a softball. My birdhouse gourds are rotting one by one. What is the cause of all this? My guess is the rainy summer we have had is the culprit. The green beans are doing great, there is already another pot full on them. Hum... maybe I should see if I have enough to can. Probably not. Plus I don't know when I would find the time to do it.
     Mom is doing well. Everyday she seems to be able to walk a little better. Her confusion seems to be getting worse by the day. I am having difficulty when dealing with her confusion. Basic simple tasks seem impossible for her to do. For example taking her medicine she puts the pill in her mouth then puts a spoonful of oatmeal in her mouth. I say, "Take a drink after you put a pill in your mouth." She says,  "Oh is that how you do it?" On and on all day long. I get frustrated easily. I am quick to annoy. I know I have issues that I need to work on. I have been working on my character qualities.      
     There are 49 character qualities that that you learn about in the Bible. They help you be more Christ like in your everyday life. Yesterday evening I was drawn to study three qualities in particular. Hospitality, reverence and generosity. How did I come about studying these three? I have been reading the Bible daily for a long time. I try to read a chapter a day. Some days I read more some days I don't read any at all. Well yesterday I had read my chapter already but while working with Mom I got frustrated and decided that I should read more, maybe it would help me. In the chapter I read it said 9th year and 10th month and 10th day. So something said to me to look at my character quality chart. I counted across 9 qualities and it was hospitality. Across 10 and it was reverence. Down 10 and it was generosity. That is how I landed on those three qualities. Each of those three qualities are things that I need to work on to be a better daughter/caregiver. I have been trying to reflect on those qualities and the scriptures that go with them while working with Mom. I am trying to be a better person, daughter, caregiver, wife, sister, cousin, friend.
     Have a good day.

                                                                 April Whitehair

Saturday, September 7, 2013

September 7, 2013

     Good morning. It sure is chilly this morning. If it keeps this up I may have to light a fire for Mom. She is very cold all the time anyway and with this pin in her hip I am sure it will cause her some pain when it is cold. The thermometer in the house says 64 degrees, outside 48.
     Mom had a good day yesterday. Even though she complained all day about everything. She is doing better with transfers. I only have to provide a touch assist. Walking is the same way. If the pain and the fear would go away she would be back to her old self.
     Boredom is an issue. There isn't much for her to do being stuck in a chair all day. TV only provides so much entertainment. Magazines get boring after a while. So yesterday we went for a walk. Mom in her wheelchair, Lucky on his leash riding on Mom's lap most of the time, and me pushing. Up the road and down the road, the way she would always walk Lucky before the fall. I thought it would be fun for her to get out of the house and feel the sun and get some fresh air. Well she complained the whole time. The sun was to bright, the road was to bumpy, she just wanted to go home. So much for trying to get her out and about. The most fun on the walk was getting to visit with her granddaughter who was up the road playing outside of her sitters.
     I must go get the day started. Have a good day.

                                                            April Whitehair

Friday, September 6, 2013

September 6, 2013

     Good morning. Yesterday was our first full day home after Mom's 12 day stay in the hospital after breaking her hip. We are trying to get on a schedule. I am a list and schedule person. I function better with knowing when to do things. We did well with our new schedule except right after my husband left for work yesterday afternoon, Mom was kicked back on the recliner and I sat down on the couch and fell asleep. We napped for about an hour and a half. I guess we both needed a nap. Well it didn't hurt the schedule to much.
     The home health care agency nurse came out yesterday and did an assessment so Mom can have physical therapy at home. We will not be having a nurse or aide coming in to help. The physical therapist came in and did his assessment. He got her up and walked her a few steps to see how she did. She did very well with him. I think better for him than for my sisters and I. He will be coming twice a week to work with her.
     I got a lot of cleaning done yesterday and the laundry pile is getting smaller. I got most of the floors mopped. I can't mop all them at once like I use to do, I have to be mindful of where Mom is, I don't want the floor to be slippery if we would need to do a transfer. Today's plan is to deep clean the couch and the recliner and of course do laundry.
    A cramp in my calf muscle woke me up this morning. I am limping around. It is very painful. I hope it stops hurting soon or it will be difficult to do all the things I want and need to do today. But I will be ok. I am sure it is not even a fraction of the pain Mom experiences.
     Have a good day.

                                                             April Whitehair 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

September 5, 2013 We are home!

     Good morning. We are home! We got home before noon yesterday. It is so good to be home. Mom still says 'I want to go home'. But she seems more comfortable here and able to relax more. Her dog, Lucky, was so happy to see her, she didn't seem as excited and I think him jumping around on her lap was painful. My sister came home with us and stayed for a while. She, my husband and myself got her up and walked with the walker from the kitchen to the recliner in the living room. This was the first time my husband and I had seen her walk that far. I was usually with Mom at night and missed all the therapy she got during the day. She did very well. It impressed me how well she did and I think it also impressed my husband. My other sister came up and helped me with the evening walk. We didn't try to walk as far, it was our first time walking her. Walking hurts Mom but she didn't complain to much. She will be getting physical therapy at home. We should be getting a call from them today to set up times the therapist will be here. Though I am glad Mom will be getting help, it is also strange that there will be a stranger in the house a couple times a week.
     I know that I have complained a lot in the past about the amount of laundry I had to do but now it is unreal. She has many accidents. I think I did 4 loads yesterday and I have one in the dryer and one in the washer now. I need more bed pads and more night gowns. She has a night gown on all day because it is easier and more comfortable for her than wearing pants or shorts.
     She slept well last night. Only waking up once so far and that was because her bed was wet. I actually got sleep also. I sleep on the couch to be closer to her so I can hear her if she needs me. She is still asleep, I can hear her snoring. I am trying to be as quiet as I can be, I so don't want to wake her up yet. Once she wakes up than the day begins and it will be a busy and eventful day.
     I must go finish up the laundry, I know that as soon as she wakes up I will have another load to do. Have a good day.

                                                                   April Whitehair

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 4, 2013

     Good morning. Today's the day we get to leave the hospital! As soon as the doctors come in and sign the discharge. The surgeon was just in to check her and said all looked good. Now just one more doctor to go. We are ready for her at home, thanks to a very nice cousin for letting us borrow a wheelchair. We are all ready to get out of here for good. Being at the hospital is very straining emotionally and physically. Both my sister and I have had a rough day yesterday. I think setting here has made us a little crazy. I for one have been grouchy, even more so than usual. I hope our moods improve once we get home. And I hope Mom does better once she is in her normal surroundings.
     I must go finish packing up this room. How did we ever collect this much junk in one small hospital room? Now I have to carry it all down to the car.
     Have a good day.

                                                                            April Whitehair

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 3, 2013

     Good morning. Yesterday my brothers-in-law, my husband and two of my nephews built my Mom a ramp. One step closer to getting her home. Today the doctor, nurses, social worker, and therapist will be having a meeting on when to discharge her. I so hope that they stay with the original day, tomorrow. I have already got her room set up and ready for her. I  am so tired of being in this hospital and Mom is too.
     While I was at home yesterday I did not get to take a nap instead I watched the guys build the ramp and I did a lot of laundry and I got to look around at the garden. I cleaned off the fermented tomato seeds and set them out to dry. I seeded a second tomato from my sister's heirloom tomato plant and set those out to dry. I am doing a experiment to see if fermenting or not fermenting is better. I was able to get about nine leaf lettuce seeds and boy are they tiny. I am having trouble with the birdhouse gourds, the biggest one has rotted and a couple of the others look like they may do the same thing. I am blaming it on all the rain. My husband's pumpkin is getting so big and there are several more small ones also. And I have way to many sunflower seeds. I am also thinking of adding different types of sunflowers next year to the garden, ones you can eat or ones you can make oil from.
     I am going to go. Have a good day.
                                                                         April Whitehair

Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013

     Good morning. Another day at the hospital and hopefully one day closer to getting home. I went home yesterday and got started getting Mom's room ready for her to come home. My husband and I got the walls washed and the floor scrubbed and the side rails put on her hospital bed. I still need to do a lot of sorting, organizing and regular house work but it will be easier to get those things done when we are at home.
     There is not any real change in Mom's condition. She still hurts and will only try to stand occasionally. It is hard to work with her standing and walking when I am here by myself. But my sister and her husband work with her during the day. Some days she does very well and some days not so much. I think it will just take time, patience, encouragement, and a lot of understanding.
     Sorry for such a short post today but Mom needs my attention. Have a good day.

                                                  April Whitehair 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

September 1, 2013

     Good morning. It is September already, one of my favorite months. I love that soon the leaves will change colors and the air will feel crisp and cool. I am not looking forward to the snow that will follow. So for today I will enjoy this time of the year.
     Yes we are still in the hospital. It seems that with increased movement and trying to work on exercises, Mom is in more pain than she was just a few days ago. I don't handle her being in pain very well. But yesterday was a good day, my husband brought her up a surprise, Lucky. I took Mom outside and she got to visit with her dog for about a half hour. He was very happy to see his mommy. He gave her kisses all over, Mom did not like that very much. I think Lucky was more happy to see her than she was to see him. I am glad that Lucky got to see her, he was so sad without her. I was afraid he thought she was gone forever. He was starting to play with the cats and miss her less. I did not want him to forget about her. Hopefully we will be home soon and the best friends will be back together.
     Well I must go see to Mom. Have a good day.           

                                                                 April Whitehair