Saturday, September 14, 2013

September 14, 2013

     Good morning. It is very chilly this morning. I am in sweat pants and a sweat shirt and I love it. A hot cup of coffee in my hand, what more could I ask for. Maybe a solid nights sleep. Mom woke up every couple hours, which means I also woke up. To say I am sleepy would be an understatement.
     Today is going to be a busy day. Today we replace the flooring in the bathroom. As I had said before the old linoleum has large lumps that make it unsafe for Mom to walk on now as she is learning how to walk with her broken hip. We, mostly my husband, will be removing the old linoleum and its under padding (not sure what that's called, I remember putting it down when I was in high school and it looked like cardboard), and putting down vinyl floor tiles. This should be an interesting day. Why vinyl floor tiles? They are just about the cheapest thing to put on the floor. I just hope it looks good when its done and is safer for Mom. In the store they looked like there was a lot of green in them, but once I got them home my sister said they looked more grey then green. Oh well. If they look green after they are installed then when I go to paint the bathroom I might paint it green as well. I have been trying to figure out what color to paint it, now I will let the floor tell me.
       I went out yesterday and looked at what is left of the garden. The birdhouse gourd plants have grown a lot and there are several baby gourds on them. But they are still dying when they get a certain size. Not sure what the cause is maybe a vitamin deficiency, not enough sun, or to much rain this summer. I am not sure if I will try to grow them again next year or not. If I do I will plant them some where different. I am still collecting sunflower seeds. If I would plant all the seeds I have next year I would have at least an acre of sunflowers alone.
     I must go. I hear Mom is awake again. Have a good day.

                                                   April Whitehair

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