Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 10, 2013 Yoga

     Good morning. Yesterday's day out for me was wonderful. I may have been gone for only around three hours but it was a good three hours. Every stop, except one, that I made was a stop to get something for Mom so I didn't really forget about my responsibilities at home. Dollar store to look for the kind of adult diapers that the hospital uses, no luck. Family Dollar to price check the floor tiles that I want to put on the bathroom floor, the linoleum in there is getting old and has big lumps, not safe for Mom to walk on now. Ollie's, bought the floor tiles and raised toilet seat that Mom needs. KFC, that stop was just for me. Kroger's, needed cheese, cereal, and snack items for Mom. And finally IGA for bleach that was on sale, need lots of this to wash bed pads. So as you can see even when I am away my mind is always on Mom.
      I appreciate my sister helping me so much. She is coming back tomorrow so I can get a break again. I thought I might just hid in my room and take a nap or just drive around but now I need to go back to Ollie's and return the raised toilet seat. I don't like it and think that using it will cause more problems than it will help.
     I didn't think I would talk about this but I am drawn to tell you. I am starting to do yoga. I have no idea what I am doing. And it is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I so need to loose weight and get into shape. I bought myself a yoga mat yesterday. Why yoga? Though it may sound crazy it is because of Elissa from Big Brother 15. I was watching it while staying in the hospital with Mom. Boy that girl is in shape! She is a yoga instructor, I think. While in the hospital I learned a couple yoga moves from the internet and tried them locked in the bathroom of Mom's hospital room. A search for yoga routines on the internet resulted in many, many different kinds and types. Something for anyone, I thought. So last night I told my husband and my Mom that I was going to hid in the bathroom and do yoga. My husband as always was very supportive, Mom had no idea what I was talking about. The first video I started was extremely boring, seriously the first ten minutes was just laying on your back breathing. I had to stop that one, I was going to fall asleep, not what I call a workout. The second one was stretches. Not to sure about that one. I needed a wall to work beside and I didn't have one with out something between us. So I stopped that one. Then the last one I tried was a so called beginners routine. Ha! The people on the video didn't have an ounce of fat on them and even the 'beginner' in the video was just about the skinniest, most in shape man I had ever seen. There was no way I could compare my positioning to his. But I did the exercises in this video for about ten minutes, only the upper body. I think my boobs might have gotten in the way of some of the moves, because that male beginner didn't have the trouble that I did. Anyway I don't plan on stopping trying to learn yoga. I will just look for a better, true beginner routine that I can learn from. I hope I can stick with it and actually get into better shape. I will keep you posted. My shoulders are sore this morning so the little that I did must have done something last night.
     I must go get Mom up and ready. She has physical therapy this morning. She is walking better and better. Her fear is holding her back. Maybe the physical therapist will teach me new things to help her. Have a good day. 

                                                               April Whitehair

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