Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 12, 2013

     Good morning. I didn't get to wake up before Mom and get to drink my coffee alone this morning. But Mom is up sitting next to me eating breakfast and asking me all kinds of questions. I so need this coffee to kick in soon.
     I got my seed of the month club seeds yesterday. Yeah! I get so excited over seeds.  I got Sunflower, grey stripe. I know like I really need more sunflower seeds, these are different than the ones I have been growing for years, these are eatable. I have been wanting to start growing eatable ones and now I have seeds to do just that. I also got Mustard, wonderful red, they are like purple colored greens. I have never tried these before it will be interesting. I also got Nasturtium, glorious gleam. I showed Mom this pack and she knew how to pronounce this name and said it was just a flower, but according to the pack it says you can eat the young leaves and flowers and they taste like watercress and can be used in salads. I also got Onion, red grand. My husband said he had never seen onions grown from seed, we shall see if we can grow onions from seeds next summer. It feels good to be collecting so many seeds. Hopefully next summers garden will be filled with lots of variety.
     So I couldn't wait any longer to try my green beans that I canned. The first time I tried to can anything. The canning was a success but the green beans not so much. I learned a very good lesson, when it says to use slightly immature green beans they really mean it. Well the fact that I was not here to pick and can them before they got over ripe is really not my fault. The green beans were blue lake, stringless. I know GMO- OMG!! I bought and planted them before I understood the reasons for not growing GMO seeds. Gardening is a learning experience. Anyway when we ate them I realized that they had strings, very big hard strings. I am thinking that the fact that I let them linger on the vine so long before picking and using them caused the strings to develop. We had ate some about a month ago when some were just ready and they didn't have strings. Oh well live and learn. So the 8 pints of green beans that I have left from my canning experiment will be put in the back of my shelf and kept to be used when we are in need. Like if we get a big snow storm this winter that keeps us from getting to the store for a long time. I told this to my husband and he agreed. He said that we may just be grateful to have jars of green beans, strings and all.       
      I need to go see if I can do anything for Mom. Have a good day.

                                                           April Whitehair

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