Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 29, 2014

     Good morning. Last time I wrote was the morning of Mom's birthday. She had a nice birthday. Her daughter, my sister M stopped by to wish her a happy birthday while I was getting Mom up for the day. Then after breakfast I took Mom down to visit with her twin sister, Aunt E. Right before dinner cousin J stopped down to visit with Mom for a few minutes and gave her cards from the church and her family. Then it was time for dinner of chicken and dumplings and blue cup cakes and ice cream. She had received a few card in the mail during the week that I saved for her to open on her birthday and I also got her a couple of gifts. Then later in the evening Mom's granddaughter, her boyfriend, and Mom's grandson stopped by to visit and give her a card. All in all I think it was a good day for her. Also at some point during the day Mom's sister, Aunt B, called and wished Mom a happy birthday and also gave me a few tips on canning.
     Saturday was Mom's family reunion. It was nice to see everyone and eat some good food. Uncle D said there was one thing wrong with my cheesecake that I made, I didn't make enough. He didn't get a piece so next year I will make two. When Mom seen one of her brothers she knew his name which is unusual for her to remember anyone anymore.
     Life for me has been normal, well normal for me anyways. I have been working of canning more things. I canned chicken and made chicken noodle soup with it and with carrots and peas fresh out of the garden. Aunt B gave me ideas and checked a recipe that I found of Mom's that I will be working on in the very near future.
     I just want to say that Citric Acid tastes like super strong lemons! What? Ok I will explain. I used lemon juice as the acid in the sliced green tomatoes that I canned. When I fried the up to test them they tasted a little like lemons, Mom wouldn't even eat them. So I found some where to use citric acid in place of the lemon juice. I did that, haven't tried them yet. Then I read somewhere that citric acid is made from lemons, I grabbed the jar of citric acid and tasted it and WOW super strong lemon taste. I don't see how it wouldn't make the tomatoes taste like lemons. I posted about using citric acid in my canned tomatoes and Aunt B called me and told me how she has always done them. Thank you Aunt B! I have now canned another batch of them, her way. I have yet to eat them but I will soon. I now have 19 pints of sliced green tomatoes, some taste like lemon but I think they will be ok when winter rolls around and I get a craving for fried green tomatoes.
     Well I need to go get this day started. Have a good day.

                                                  April Whitehair

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 22, 2014

     Good morning. Today is Mom's 73 birthday. I will try to get her down to visit with her twin some time today. I have been taking Mom down to see her every year on their birthday for the last few years. Mom don't seem to remember who she is but aunt E enjoys seeing Mom. Later today my husband, Mom, and I will have a small party for her. I made cupcakes and bought her a couple gifts and have been saving the birthday cards that have came in the mail for her to open today. Nothing big, but this weekend is her family reunion and she will get to see everyone then.
     I have been canning sliced green tomatoes so this winter we can have fried green tomatoes. The first batch I canned, a couple weeks ago, I used lemon juice as the acid and I opened a jar this week and fried them up and they tasked kinda like lemon. Mom didn't like them. They were ok just a little lemony. The last batch I used citric acid and I will open a jar sometime and fry them up and see how they turned out. I have been reading about canning meat and am excited to try that sometime in the future.
     I had a new girl come down and spend the day with Mom yesterday. She is actually a cousin. Ms. M had to call off due to a illness in her family and my husband and I already had made plans. My husband always gets ripped off in this whole deal/living arrangement/life. I feel bad that he has to miss out on things because of my responsibilities. I am grateful to have good, trained, caring relatives that are willing to help out.  
     Well I need to go. Today is going to be a busy day. Have a good day.

                                                           April Whitehair

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 16, 2014

     Good morning. Life seems to be catching up to me, or maybe I should say over running me. I seem to be busy but honestly most of my time I spend reading. I have fell in love with reading again and can't seem to get enough of it. I always seem to be reading something. From The Encyclopedia of Country Living to Amish books to farm magazines like MaryJanesFarm. I love that magazine. Also I have been trying to finish up reading the books in the Left Behind series. Sometimes, well a lot of the time, I find myself reading when I should be doing other things, like writing this blog.
     Sunday was our family reunion. The Pratt family reunion is always filled with lots of food and good times. We had some rain but it didn't seem to hamper the fun and most definitely didn't stop us from eating. It was a hot day and Mom got a little over heated and had to go kick back in the ac for a little bit. But she was just fine after that.
     My chickens are doing great. They are starting to try eating new things. They use to be very picky and not want to try new things. One of their favorite things are cucumbers. The also really like a certain kind of leaf, not sure what kind it is just some weed. They go crazy when I give them some of it. They also like bananas. nectarines, tomatoes, cooked corn on the cob, and watermelons.
     Well I am going to go not to read but to get something accomplished today. Have a good day.

                                                             April Whitehair

Thursday, July 3, 2014

July 3, 2014

     Good morning. It seems like such a long time since I have wrote. Last week was my amazing vacation week. It is so good to just spend alone time with my wonderful husband. We get along so well, we are so much alike. We enjoy doing the same things. I am very grateful to have found someone who I can just be myself around and someone who lets me just be myself and likes me for me. Though most people may look at us and think that we are boring and to some we might be but to us we are living happy and isn't that what it is all about. Happy.
     So last week while on vacation we spent a lot of time at the beach, swimming, sunbathing, people watching, talking, and just plain old relaxing. We both got a little sunburnt and tried the Earl Gray tea sunburn cure, it didn't work. Our hotel was great, small and cozy but what more do you need than a bed and shower? It also had a microwave and refrigerator. The refrigerator came in very handy to keep soda pops cold and the ice machine was great to fill our cooler up to take to the beach. Though I must say that the very cold air conditioner spoiled us a little. We went out to eat for every meal except for breakfast and my husband would go every morning to get Dunkin Donuts which was almost next door.  We ate at out favorite pizza place, Chicho's Pizza, four times. Yes, they are that good. They have a spicy sauce that is worth the 6 hour drive.
     We also ate at Hooters, my pick, once. I have a lot of opinions about that place.... I think the food is good. I had heard so many good and bad opinions about that place I wanted to go to see for myself so I could make my own opinion. The waitress.... They all had their major private spots covered but little more than that. For me being a modesty convert it was very uncomfortable to be expected to eat in that atmosphere. If you are a literal ten commandment follower and you believe looking at someone other than your spouse lustfully is adultery, a sin, then you do not want to go their. If you are in the same mind setting as me and take that idea literally and personally you also don't want to cause others to be tripped up by your own actions and attire causing them to sin, this is a perfect example of that. Men and women alike are tempted to look at areas of the female body that should be for their husbands eyes only. I have heard all the good arguments about the Hooter's company I call it BS! You still could do all the good things with shorts that cover butt cheeks and shirts that covered some cleavage. Don't even get me started on the Mothers and Grandmothers that I saw bringing young girls to eat their. That is something I don't believe should be shown as acceptable to young impressionable girls. I am done with this topic.
     We were glad to be home when vacation was over. We missed our cats and chickens. Thankfully they were all well taken care of while we were gone. The chicken had grown so much. The garden is doing well except needing a weeding badly. Next year we are planning on using plastic.
     Mom had a wonderful time with her daughter and family for the week that I was on vacation. I am so grateful to have a good family who will look after Mom when I need time away.
     Well I have wrote enough for today. Have a good day.

                                                                April Whitehair