Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 29, 2014

     Good morning. Last time I wrote was the morning of Mom's birthday. She had a nice birthday. Her daughter, my sister M stopped by to wish her a happy birthday while I was getting Mom up for the day. Then after breakfast I took Mom down to visit with her twin sister, Aunt E. Right before dinner cousin J stopped down to visit with Mom for a few minutes and gave her cards from the church and her family. Then it was time for dinner of chicken and dumplings and blue cup cakes and ice cream. She had received a few card in the mail during the week that I saved for her to open on her birthday and I also got her a couple of gifts. Then later in the evening Mom's granddaughter, her boyfriend, and Mom's grandson stopped by to visit and give her a card. All in all I think it was a good day for her. Also at some point during the day Mom's sister, Aunt B, called and wished Mom a happy birthday and also gave me a few tips on canning.
     Saturday was Mom's family reunion. It was nice to see everyone and eat some good food. Uncle D said there was one thing wrong with my cheesecake that I made, I didn't make enough. He didn't get a piece so next year I will make two. When Mom seen one of her brothers she knew his name which is unusual for her to remember anyone anymore.
     Life for me has been normal, well normal for me anyways. I have been working of canning more things. I canned chicken and made chicken noodle soup with it and with carrots and peas fresh out of the garden. Aunt B gave me ideas and checked a recipe that I found of Mom's that I will be working on in the very near future.
     I just want to say that Citric Acid tastes like super strong lemons! What? Ok I will explain. I used lemon juice as the acid in the sliced green tomatoes that I canned. When I fried the up to test them they tasted a little like lemons, Mom wouldn't even eat them. So I found some where to use citric acid in place of the lemon juice. I did that, haven't tried them yet. Then I read somewhere that citric acid is made from lemons, I grabbed the jar of citric acid and tasted it and WOW super strong lemon taste. I don't see how it wouldn't make the tomatoes taste like lemons. I posted about using citric acid in my canned tomatoes and Aunt B called me and told me how she has always done them. Thank you Aunt B! I have now canned another batch of them, her way. I have yet to eat them but I will soon. I now have 19 pints of sliced green tomatoes, some taste like lemon but I think they will be ok when winter rolls around and I get a craving for fried green tomatoes.
     Well I need to go get this day started. Have a good day.

                                                  April Whitehair

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