Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 10, 2014

     Good morning. Well it has been an eventful few days here on our mini farm. A coon got into the chicken coop and killed two of my chickens and injured a third. We found Josie dead in the coop and poor Leo(Cleo) was never found. I believe he died trying to protect his girls, what a good rooster would do. The one that is hurt I think is Cloe, she had lost all her tail feathers and has an injured leg. Emma, the one that wasn't hurt, is being a good sister and won't leave Cloe's side and is very protective of her. I want to thank my cousin John who made two trips to my house to help us during this difficult time and gave us lots of good advice. The floor of the coop now has three layers of fencing which has already proved to be working because the next night the coon tried to get in again. We had a couple live traps set up which the coon was able to get the bait but not get trapped. Last night I sat on one side of the coop and my sister H sat on the other side and happily I must report that I have now avenged the death of my baby chickens. One coon down. I have never killed anything before but I didn't feel bad at all for doing it. It needed to be done and I think my Dad would have been proud of his girls for protecting the property. But this morning I have learned that my hunting isn't quite done just yet. My sister seen another coon in her back yard in the middle of the night and a possum this morning.
     On a better note I found a local lady who had baby chickens for sale. I came home with five. Oops I was only suppose to come home with four but it was so hard to say no to them. I am proud of myself for only getting five of them. They had so many and so many kinds of chickens plus turkeys and gennys(sp). They took me all over the farm and showed me everything they had. Very nice people, chicken people. All of their baby chickens were mixed breeds. So I don't know what exactly I got. I know one has Rhode Island Red, another has New Hampshire Red, one is a Easter Egger, the other two I don't remember. They are lighter in color than my first ones and some even have a lot of white on them. The Easter Egger is all black and very tiny. They all are a lot smaller than my first ones are. She said they were four weeks and mine are almost six weeks but the new ones look smaller than month olds, maybe I have just spoiled mine and fed them to much. So now we have seven chickens.
     This week is Bible School. Ms. M is coming down every day to stay with Mom so that I can go teach at Bible School. Thank you so much Ms. M. I am also getting to take Ms. M's daughters to Bible School with me. We had, I think, 15 kids yesterday. I teach the middle class, the same class that my Mom use to teach. She was such a wonderful Bible School teacher. I am no where near half as good as she was. I loved being in her class. She always studied and prepared extra things for us. She could control a large group of kids, me I have four and I feel at times I am in over my head.
     That's all I am going to write for now. Have a good day.

                                                      April Whitehair  

P.S. Happy Birthday to my sister Michelle. Love you.

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