Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 24, 2014

     Good morning. First day of beach vacation is done. I can't believe we were awake before 6am this morning. Guess no sleeping in for us even on vacation. Luckily there is a Dunkin Donuts almost next door. I can see a lot of donuts in my future.
      Our first stop was our favorite pizza place, Chicho's Pizza. It is just as good as ever. They have a spicy sauce that is worth the 6 hour drive. It truly puts our local Domino's to shame. Next stop was our hotel. Small room but big enough for just the two of us. A quick unload of the car and into our swim suits then it was off to the beach. My husband thinks the walk to the beach is longer than it was at our campsite that we stayed at the last couple years but I think it is close to the same distance. The waves are stronger here than at the campsite but not too strong. There is a lot less people here than at the Virginia Beach proper area. The wade distance is a lot shorter than at the campsite beach.
     Neither of us seem to have gotten sunburned from our first day. My husband did get some sun on his arm while he was driving here. I was thinking if we got sunburns we could try that Grey Earl tea sunburn treatment, I even brought some to try it but I hope to not need to.
     The area we are in is about 4 miles north of Virginia Beach. It is a lot less touristy. We like to go further north when we go out to look around, it is more the locals area. Lots of fast food and small shops. A lot cheaper prices. I found three thrift stores already and we stopped at one last night. I love thrift shops. Tomorrow is suppose to be rainy so I figure we will be doing some shopping then. We are going to look for some pawn shops, we think there might be some good things there considering we are close to a couple of military bases.
     I can't seem to relax yet. When we first got to the hotel room I had to unpack and put everything it its place. At least we didn't have to set up a tent and pump up an air mattress. I think that is why I like the beach so much because once you get on the beach and get your blanket spread out and you get done swimming and walking in the surf you have nothing left to do but sit around and relax and take in the sounds and scenery and nap.
     Well my husband is making plans to go walk around. I think he is getting antsy and wanting out of this hotel room. I may write again or I might not, we shall see. Have a good day and week, we sure will.
                                                            April Whitehair

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