Saturday, April 27, 2013

Cucumbers and Patience

     Hello. It's morning and I am awake. But my coffee hasn't kicked in yet. I just checked my seeds I have started for this year and well I am amazed!
     We have a little land not much but enough if your smart about what and how you place things. For the last two years my husband and myself have planted gardens that were to big for the three of  us. And the garden also becomes over run with weeds. Neither of us seem to like to weed the garden and it just turns into a mess. So this year I decided that we would only plant a couple plants and keep it one rototiller width and about five or six feet long. Just two tomato plants, a bell pepper, a hot pepper, a cucumber, and couple strawberries. A good mix for us. Well... That all changed when I started looking into the prepper websites and I got interested in all that. So I think I am a want-a-be canner but I don't have a canner and I don't really want to put money into buying a new one and using it once and not liking it and wasting all that money. I am really trying to be frugal. Also buying a used pressure canner to me seems like it might not be safe and you have to get it checked by someone and to me that just sounds like money, money, money. But anyway, back to the garden. When I was at my local grocery store I ran across there seed packets and they were all so pretty and well I bought some, one cucumber, pole bean, bell pepper, strawberry, and pea. Ok I know that is more than what I had originally said I would plant but I guess I decided in an instant that all those things would be a good idea. I have also found some seeds from a watermelon that my husband grew last year and I saved and forgot about. So I started all these seeds except for the pole bean, I am waiting for after the last frost to plant those directly out side. The seeds in the packs look so small and such a small amount and I have never started seeds inside before so I plant them all in a garden mix of soil that we purchased when we bought the two tomato plants. I started these seeds about a week to two weeks ago an have been very impatiently waiting for them to grow. Every day I check them and talk to them and encourage them to grow. Well the cucumbers must be very obedient because they have started and boy did they. That one little pack of seeds has now grown into over 90 two inch tall plants. They are so beautiful!. But what am I going to do with 90 plants. I have enough room for maybe a couple. So I have been thinking about who I can give them to. My sisters, neighbors and family will not have to buy cucumber seeds or cucumbers at all this summer. So maybe I should really think about canning again. Also my peas and watermelon have started but no such luck for the strawberries and the bell peppers. I don't want to even tell you that I lost faith in my bell peppers so I have bought another pack of them and started those also. So if all the bell peppers take than I will have a real mess on my hands. And if my strawberries don't start soon I will be buying more of those also. Hum maybe I need some patience. What do you think?
                                                                                    April Whitehair

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