Monday, April 29, 2013

     Good morning. Yes it is that time again, coffee time.
     I have mentioned before that I am a prepper well that is only a prepper in thought. Sometimes it takes a lot  of thought for me to do anything. I think it would be a good idea for everyone to be prepared for emergencies. Or as best as you can be given your financial situation. But even money may not be helpful if TEOTWAWKI  does actually happen.
     If you are like me you just seen that long crazy word again and probably have seen it a time or two and have no idea what it means except that you know that it must be bad. You know all caps and all.
     Well I have seen that word and the word SHTF and had to look them up to know what they are so I can know what am I actually prepping for.
     TEOTWAWKI  the end of the world as we know it.
     SHTF  shit hits the fan.
     There you now know more than people who know nothing about prepping. Also I am going to tell you some other things that I have learned or read about or just thought about in regards to prepping. This will just be a think list, just some things for you to think about.

     What emergencies might happen to you?
     What emergencies have happened in your area in the last five years?
     Who depends on you?
     Who might need to depend on you?
     What do you need to care for those who depend on you?
     Are you ready to step up and lead if the current leader of your home can't?
     Can you protect those in your group?

     I would suggest you answer those questions. I will walk through those questions with you and maybe help you think of some things that you never thought of.

     What emergencies might happen to you?
        Power outage. Job loss. Flood. Fire. Earthquake. War. Terrorist acts. Hurricane. Tornado. US or world economic collapse.  These are just some samples of your answers. Some apply to me and some don't.

     What emergencies have happened in your area in the last five years?
         In my area last summer we had a power outage that lasted a week. All the businesses around did not have electric so they were not open. Gas for the cars became hard to find and in great demand. Food was what ever you had in your shelves. Water came from those who had city water, not us, and even those were warned to conserve.
          Our little creek behind the house can flood sometimes. The flood waters have never got in our house but has got to our back door.
          Job loss is possible to anybody. Please always include this into your plan. Even if you live off government assistance or Social Security. The government may not always be there to sign those checks.
          Terrorist acts as we have seen can happen to anyone anywhere at anytime.

     Who depends on you?
        I have three in my home. So I could stop counting there. But, here comes the what-ifs, what if what caused this emergency also injured or killed those around you? My sister is my neighbor she has two children, 8 and 9 years old, hope I got their ages right. She works at a local university and we all have heard of really bad thing that can happen to good people at schools. If something happened to her who would take care of her kids during this time of emergency? Of course I would. Make that a possible five or six that would depend on me. I also have some elderly neighbors would they be ok, will they need some extra help? Food, water, a shoulder to cry on?
      What do you need to care for those who depend on you?
          This list can go on and on. But just the basics and some other thoughts.
           Shelter. Food. Water. Medications. First aid. Lights. Heat. Games for the kids, I know how is this a basic need? If the electric is out and the kids who are so use to playing video games can't play them you will be ready in an hour to pull your hair out and maybe even theirs if you here "I'm bored" one more time. They are bored you are stressed so lets just play Candy Land!
            Like I said this list could go on and on. One thing I did when we had a power outage for about an hour one evening I started writing a list of things I had wished I had done before the power went out and things I needed to buy to be prepared for next time. My Mom who you may know from other posts has Alzheimer's and when she seen me writing my list by lamp light that powerless evening she asked what I was writing, I told her thing we needed for when the electric was out she said "Put on top of the list ELECTRIC" God love her. She was right the one thing we need most when the electric is out is for it to come back on. I just thought that was cute and had to share that with you.

     Can you step up and lead if the current leader of your home can't?
        You may already be the leader of your home. Or maybe your spouse assumes those roles in an event of an emergency. If your partner can not help you do the things that need done, are you ready and able to do them. In the event of TEOTWAWKI and you can't just get in the car and drive to your local grocery store would you be able to load a gun and shoot and kill wild game to feed those who depend on you if needed? Do you know how to start your generator if needed if you have one? Many other responsibilities may fall on your shoulders. Knowledge and skill will be needed.

     Can you protect those in your group?
        To start this I need to say I am a supporter of gun rights. I believe everyone has the right to protect their family. In the event of war or terrorist in your area you should and need to stand up for your self, family, community, and country. Also you need to think if there is no police to call if there is someone trying to steal what you have in your home to keep your family alive, what are you going to do about it? It may not be a terrorist, it may be someone, anyone who wants to take your supplies.
Can you protect your home? But please don't only think of guns and ammo, also think other forms of protection. Knives, sling shots, big rocks, bats, golf clubs, bow and arrows, etc... Yes some of those seem crazy. But I would rather be safe, protected and crazy than dead.

        So there is some of my thoughts on this topic. I also want to remind you that I live in a rural area those that live in big cities need to have other things on their list and other ideas for protection. Please apply those question to your own situation.
         I would love to here your thought about this subject. Please leave a commit if you have thought of other things that might come in handy in the event of SHTF of TEOTWAWKI.
     Thanks for reading.                                  April Whitehair

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