Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 22, 2014

     Good morning. It was a very busy weekend and it looks like it will continue to be busy for a while. Friday was Good Friday and a busy day for me. Mom desperately needed a hair cut, so Ms. M,  Mom, and I went driving around looking for a place, any place open with time to give her a hair cut. If I wasn't such a procrastinator I would have thought about it earlier and scheduled her an appointment. Every place in town and in the towns around were packed. We ended up in Adamston at a small beautician's shop who apparently catered to old ladies by the clientele that was at the shop. I am not going to say which shop we were at because it was a very bad hair cut and cost $15. We ended up coming home and Ms. M had to fix it. Also when we got there, there was an older lady there who was getting her hair dyed, she said she was almost 90, she looked much younger and very healthy, especially compared to Mom who was sitting next to her. Well this lady who was getting her hair dyed, we were totally worried how her hair was going to turn out. She sat there way too long with the dye on and the dye was all over her skin. I would have loved to see what she looked like when the beautician actually got around to washing the dye out. Anyway, Mom's new hair cut, with Ms. M's help looks great.
     Friday night was Good Friday service at church. I didn't go. I feel extremely bad about that. I was so busy and tired preparing for Easter Dinner at our house on Sunday and everything else I was doing. I feel like I am being pulled so many different directions. Mom, husband, home, garden, dinner plans and cleaning, sisters, picture project, church, etc, etc...... I feel as though I am not getting the order of importance right.
     Saturday was busy cooking and cleaning. I am very thankful for a wonderful husband who will help no matter what I ask him to do. Not everyone is as lucky as I am to have such a great support and partner in life.
     Sunday was Easter Sunday. I woke up very early and my husband had to work that night and got home around 7am and jumped in and helped get everything prepared. Mom had to be up dressed, fed and then redressed to go to church. Church was at 8:45 am which is extremely early for us. Mom is not normally up and out of bed till around 9am. Church service was great. We are lucky to have and go to a church that is a small country church. We are all family if not by blood then definitely in heart and spirit. Everyone knows every ones' names. Of course there was more people who attended than who usually attend.  I don't go as much as I should and use too. My unacceptable excuse is it is to hard to get Mom there every week.
     After church service there is an Easter egg hunt, the junior class and adults hide the eggs for the primary class to find. It is always fun to see the happy excited little kids finding eggs.
     My uncle who is also the superintendent of the church was sick and in the hospital during the Easter Sunday services. He was greatly missed. He is such a kind, loving, Godly man. A great role model for any man. And a great role model of a Godly person for me. He is dear to me and so many other people. He was released from the hospital just in time to join his family for Easter Dinner.
     We had 16 people here at the house for our Easter Dinner. We missed one of my brother-in-laws, who had to work, and one of my nieces and her kids.  We always have a good time together. Also our family keeps growing. One of my nephews brought his girlfriend and one on my nieces brought her boyfriend and his sister. We definitely have and open door policy. Any hungry or lonely person may stop in and grab a plate and join in with the craziness.
     My husband was able to try out his new turkey fryer that my sister M got him for Christmas. I was very scared about it. But he was safe and cooked the turkey successfully. We all had to go outside and watch him put the turkey in and take pictures. The turkey was delicious, so wasn't all the rest of the food. We are such good cooks!
     I had been working on a project for several months that I had wanted to complete before Easter but only got partly done. Mom had collected many, many, many pictures but had never did anything with them. I decided to put them all in picture albums. I got 12 albums done then couldn't do any more. But it was ok. My family all sat around most of the day on Sunday and picked out all the pictures they wanted and took them home. Some how I ended up with another suit case full of old family pictures from my sister's house. Great, that is what I really needed, more pictures!
     Well I am done writing for today. I will write again on Thursday. This was a very long post! Have a good day.

                                                                        April Whitehair  

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