Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 29, 2014

     Good morning. First I have to tell you that I actually did it. I ordered my baby chickens! I got all the supplies I will need for them and I placed the order yesterday. They will be coming via express mail and should be here on Friday or Saturday. My husband wanted Rhode Island Red chickens so I ordered four. The coop is in it's beginning stages but it won't need to be done for several weeks, the baby chicks will inside in a tote under a heat lamp for their first few weeks.
     I am just about to give up on starting seeds inside. I set all my baby plants out in the sun the other day and they all got to much sun and it killed almost all of them. I haven't had any luck with them this year. I have lots of seeds to sow directly outside when its time. So I will still have a big garden but just not as big as it could have been.
     My husband did the first tilling of the garden the other day and mixed in some manure. It will have to be tilled again before planting but it looks good and it will be larger than we had in the last couple years. We already have the strawberry and blueberry plants in the ground. Both are looking good and growing. We actually planted 25 strawberry plants with the two from last year we now have 27, hopefully they all make it. And we planted three blueberry plants which already have blooms on them. We were told to prune them and keep them from blooming and producing this year so the plant can put all their effort on growing and not producing fruit. We haven't don't that yet, they are more my husband's plants so I am leaving the pruning up to him.  
     My oldest niece went to her senior prom Saturday. I can't believe she is old enough to be a senior in high school soon to be graduated and an adult. WOW ! Where has the time gone. She looked so beautiful and her date, boyfriend, so handsome. I am so proud of her. She has grown into such a lovely young lady inside and out. She has such a kind heart. And the same sense of humor as the rest of us in this crazy family. I love you C.S.T. ;)
     Well I need to go get this day started. Mom will be awake soon and needing my attention. Have a good day.

                                                            April Whitehair

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