Thursday, April 3, 2014

April 3, 2014

     Good morning. Not much going on today. Trying to get some spring cleaning done. I cleaned all the glassware in the kitchen yesterday and today I need to try and finish up with the kitchen. I would like to have the whole house spring cleaned by Easter.
     Plants are doing better since I moved them from the mice's reach. Now I have plants in pretty much every room in the house. I have several apple seedlings growing now. Just in the last day I have three more popped up out of the dirt.
     My sister H told me that the flower that I didn't know what it was is a hyacinth. My aunt L told us that that flower was my grandma's favorite. It doesn't look all that pretty for some reason, not like the pictures I find on the internet but hopefully next year it will come back and look better.
     Mom is doing well. Took her outside and we set on the porch for a few hours the other day. It was nice and sunny but a little windy. Cousin V and sister H both stopped by and spent some time talking and just hanging out. Mom seemed to be in a good mood. She tried to talk a little not sure what she was talking about but glad to hear her trying to hold a conversation. I think the nice weather will be good for the both of us.
     I have been having trouble with my right eye, well both my eyes, but the right one seem to give me more trouble. I have been having light flashes which when I looked it up could me nothing or something. I am saying it is the nothing. If it continues I will have to go the eye doctor. I need glasses anyway, I think. I keep putting it off, I hate going to the eye doctor more than I hate going to the dentist.
     I need to go get this kitchen cleaned up. Have a good day.

                                                 April Whitehair

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