Thursday, April 17, 2014

April 17, 2014

     Good morning. To start the day off on a funny note I must tell you what my husband is doing right now. He has his golf clubs in the bathtub. I find this so funny. He says he has to get all the dirt out of the grooves so the ball will spin right. I am not sure about that but I find this very funny. He is so excited that he gets to go play golf today, the first time this year. Do I mind that he goes and plays golf? NO. Everyone needs to get out and do something that they enjoy. It makes him happy which makes me happy. But I still can pick on him for giving his clubs a bath. LOL!
     The other day I received hard red wheat seeds from a stranger form Phoenix, AZ. I had posted a request on a seed exchange FB page. And I will be getting some soft white wheat seeds from someone in Utah. I find that so cool. Also I got Forget-Me-Not seeds in the mail yesterday from Aunt Betty. Thank you Aunt Betty. I love getting seeds, any and all seeds.
     So the story of the ring. I had posted something of FB that got every one's curiosity up then forgot to write about it on my last blog post. In the mid nineties Mom had found a class ring and brought it home in the hopes of finding its owner. If you knew my Mom(before the dementia) you can imagine how she would have been, excited about looking for the owner, worried about the person who lost the ring, and dreaming of one day returning the ring. But my Dad, if you knew my Dad you can imagine, thought that it was a dumb idea, maybe he was a little jealous. He told her to throw it away. She said she did but instead she put it in a bowl in top of a cabinet in the kitchen and it was forgotten about for all these years. I came across it this year while spring cleaning. I decided that I would help Mom find the owner. After many Internet and FB searches, a couple FB messages to strangers, and waiting for responses for a month I finally FB chatted with a wife of a man who I really thought was the owner of the ring. An hour long conversation with her and a quick phone call from her to her mother-in-law, we figured out he was not the one I was looking for. But good thinking of that man to look in his high school yearbook lead to the name of the person I was looking for. But he had no other information on him. I could not find a FB page for him, I thought I had hit a dead end. Then the other night I it just hit me while washing dishes, phone book! I found his name and called. A man answered the phone and I told him who I was and that this was going to be about the strangest call he had ever received and that I had his class ring. He acted like he didn't know what I was talking about but a voice in the back ground said "it's your son's ring." She picked up the phone and turned out to be the owner of the ring's sister. Yes it was her brother's ring. I got his address and will mail him the ring along with a letter telling him how I came to have his ring all these years later. If Mom was in her right mind she would be so happy to have found the owner. I cried as I spoke to the sister of the owner knowing that I completed something that she would have wanted to do for so long. She would have cried too.
     Easter is coming up fast. I have to get this house clean and have been working on it for the last month. I feel like I am not getting anywhere. I went down with cousin J yesterday and cleaned the church to get it ready for Good Friday and Easter Sunday services.
     I need to get off here if I am going to get anything done today. Have a good day.

                                                         April Whitehair

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