Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014

     Good morning. I am finally feeling better. I still sneeze quite often and my nose isn't completely back to normal but over all I feel better. I was actually in a good mood last night and was able to laugh and smile which it had been along time since I felt like doing that. No helper with Mom today but at least I feel up to looking after Mom.
     Friday was Valentine's day and my husband and I was able to go out and spend some time together. He took me to Berdine's five and dime. I went there a couple months ago with my cousin and I seen a rolling pin that I really wanted. My husband remembered me talking about it so as a surprise he took me there and got me the rolling pin that I wanted. It is a glass rolling pin that you put cold water in and your pie dough doesn't stick to it when you roll it out. Now I have to make a pie. Maybe sometime today I will get around to doing that.
     I had been so depressed this winter with all this snow. I have been waiting, very impatiently, for spring and my tulips to poke their heads out of the ground. My wonderful husband knowing my want, need, for spring bought be tulips already blooming in a pot. They are so beautiful. They are bright red. I can't stop staring at them. I can look at them and temporarily be transported to a sunny spring morning. All I can say is that my husband rocks!
     My husband bought me two Jiffy professional greenhouses, peat pellets. Each greenhouse holds 72 plants. Very thoughtful of him. But now I have a dilemma. Should I use them or not? If I want to go all organic in my gardening this year like I said I did then can I use peat pellets? So I have been researching them and this is what I have found so far. Peat is organic but it is not an easily renewable resource, it comes from peat bogs that take centuries to regenerate. The webbing that holds it together is usually plastic, sometimes cotton but my packaging does not specify. And sometimes they have synthetic wetting agent but sometimes they have organic wetting agents, yucca, my packaging does not specify that either. What to do? I still have about two weeks before I start any seeds so I hope during that time I can decide how I feel about this. Also I ready have them, what sense would it make to not use them or toss them out? That would be wasteful and that's not part of my plan. Maybe I am just thinking to much. I found the idea of using used coffee K-cup cups as starter seed pots on facebook. Looks like a good idea if you have those, which I don't but my sister does and she offered to give then to me, better than tossing them. But the over thinking, organic gardener that is in my head, is saying NO, the plastic will leach into the dirt and seeds and baby plants. Oh my!      
     That is enough of that for today. Have a good day.

                                                           April Whitehair

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