Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February 19, 2014

     Good afternoon. I am late getting around to writing today, my husband and I went to town to get a part for his car and the trip ended up taking up the whole morning. Ms. M was here with Mom. Mom always seem in good spirits after a day spent with Ms. M. We are lucky to have such a good caring person here to help.
     I have been feeling so much better lately. The day before yesterday I actually felt good enough to bake. I made an apple pie using my new glass rolling I pin that my husband got me for valentine's day. It worked ok except it leaked a little around the lid, I think there needs to be a rubber ring or something instead of just a metal lid. I also made for the first time a loaf of bread from scratch. Real homemade bread. I used yeast and everything. I have always been scared of using yeast, once years ago I tried to make something with it and it didn't turn out at all. The bread turned out good, just a little heavy but good for my first time. Now that I am not as scared of working with yeast I will try to make more things. The possibilities are endless.
     Yesterday my Mom's little dog got out the front door and took off. He never goes far but doesn't come back when called for and he doesn't look out for cars. So I had to stay outside and keep and eye on him. He was so happy to be outside and free. For the last couple months he has been cooped up inside and only allowed outside in the little fenced in back yard. I, like him, have been feeling cooped up so the excuse to be outside to look after him was a good reason to be out in the sun, it was a little cold but not bad, I think it was above 40. I walked around and looked at all the snow trying to melt and dreamed of green grass and leaves on trees and flowers in my flower bed. Then low and behold there in my flower bed was the best surprise ever. Tiny green sprouts poking there head out of the recently snow melted bare ground. There are flowers coming up! Can you believe it? There will actually be a spring, I can see it coming, I now have the proof I need that winter will end, someday. Yes, we may still have cold days and maybe even more snow but spring is really coming. It really is.
     Have a good day.

                                              April Whitehair

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