Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

     Good morning. Well I had a crazy weekend. It seemed like everything was going wrong and I should have just stayed in bed. First off on Friday I broke the screen on my tablet that my husband got me for Christmas. Those things must be fragile, one small drop and it cracks, big time.
     I had told you about planting all of those seeds in the peat tray, 72 plants. They were all growing and looking great, except for all of the pepper seeds they hadn't sprouted yet. Well on Saturday my cat for some reason decided to jump on them and knocked it off plus my six heirloom tomato seed pots that was in a different tray. All 78 plants on the floor, upside down and smashed under an avalanche of junk that I had sitting under the shelf the trays were sitting on. The crash was so loud that my husband heard it in his man cave and came running, he thought I had fell or something. We sat on the floor surrounded by dirt and baby seedlings trying to pick them up and salvage what we could. Two out of the twelve cucumber plants have died so far, a couple more have bent stems but look good. The onion, basil, cabbage, tomato, Brussels sprouts, and lettuce that had sprouted are all mixed up. They are so tiny that I can't tell them apart. Most of those seemed to have lived so far. But my heirloom tomato seeds that I saved from my sister's WV heirloom tomato plant last year, all but two got dumped. I was trying to do an experiment to see which way is better to ferment or not ferment tomato seeds when you save them. I planted six k-cups three of each way, four got dumped out, so I just scooped all that dirt and seeds up and put them back in k-cups not knowing which is which. Two k-cups did survive, one of each, fermented and non-fermented. And this morning they both have sprouted. I am just amazed at the will to live these plants have. I also noticed two of my pepper plants have sprouted, I just don't know if they are the sweet or either of the hot kinds I planted. I guess I will have to wait till they grow up and produce peppers.
     Before the plant tray disaster I had started to spring clean. Saturday was such a nice day. I tried to have the doors open to get fresh air in the house but Mom got to cold even with a blanket on. I did get the curtains in the living room, kitchen, and bathroom washed and the living room windows washed. I wanted to do more but after the tray disaster I lost all excitement and energy for spring cleaning.
     I had Ms. M come in to spend the day with Mom on Sunday so I could go to church. I hadn't been to church in a long time and I missed it. It is a good recharge it have fellowship with friends and family. Afterward I went grocery shopping and stopped at A.C, Moore, craft store. I tell you I am in love with that place. I have been there two times this week. Note to my sister M. they probably sell those things you were looking for to make those necklaces, they have a large jewelry selection, make your own jewelry type things. I had to stop there the other day to get candle making supplies. I have entered a spring swap through a page I am friends with on Facebook. Kind of like secret Santa but with homemade items and in the spring. I have made a drawstring bag and am going to make a candle to send to my partner. But as bad of a weekend as I was having I didn't want to risk it and end up burning the house down. I will try and make that candle and sent out my gifts some time this week. I wonder what I will receive.
     That is enough for now. Have a good day.
                                                           April Whitehair

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