Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

     Happy St. Patrick's day. Yes, there is no denying it, it is still winter. We got around six inches of snow yesterday and last night. Spring, where did you go?  I want the 50-60 degrees days back.
     I planted more seeds this weekend. I planted jalapeno peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes. Oh yeah, mouse update: one little brown mouse gone, escape route hole blocked. plants on the mend. I don't think the great northern bean plants will make it, for some reason the mouse had climbed those plants and broke all the stems. Bad mouse also ate the tops off several of my seedlings, most of which look like they may survive. I have three new bell pepper seeds sprouted. And the heirloom tomato seeds that I got out of my sister's garden last year are growing very well. Though most of the experiment samples got mixed up when they got knocked off, the ones I know for sure I can tell you that fermented and non-fermented heirloom tomato seed both are growing, the non-fermented seem to be doing a little better than the fermented ones.
     My husband and I went to Tractor Supply on Friday. I love stores like that, it is kind of like going to A, C. Moore, I just feel at home there. Luckily for my husband they had sold out of baby chicks or we just may have come home with a couple. They did have some baby ducks, they were so cute. I had seen a post somewhere on Facebook stating that Tractor Supply didn't take very good care of there baby chicks and baby ducks but I must say from what I seen of the pen that they kept the baby ducks in and the ones they had had the chicks in they were doing an excellent job. At least this store is anyway, I can't comment on the condition at any other location. I also learned from talking to a couple men there that they have a livestock sale there every Saturday morning. I do not need to go there on a Saturday morning or I might come home with a baby goat or something... I had been looking for non-GMO seeds sold locally and finally found them there. I bought more green bean, pea,  pepper, and cucumber seeds. Now if true spring would just hurry up and get here.
     I have been working on some of the requirement I need to earn some badges in my farmgirl sisterhood group I am in. I have been working on the cross stitch badge and the button badge. With so many badges to earn I was having trouble deciding which one to work on first.
     I need to go try and get something done today. Have a good day.

                                                                       April Whitehair

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