Friday, March 14, 2014

March 14, 2014

     Good morning. My poor plants... If they are not being  knocked off by a cat or my husband then they have a mouse terrorizing them. Yes a mouse, in my laundry room. I have set up several mouse traps and he just eats the peanut butter off it and doesn't even set it off. I came face to face with it the other night and it is a tiny field mouse. He was just digging around in the dirt in the pots but now he has been eating the tops off my plants. I can't have that. So I have resorted to the sticky traps. I have always been against them. They seem so inhumane. Anyway I can't allow all my plants to die just to feed a mouse I don't want in my house anyway. My cats are too well fed and lazy, they won't get it. The regular mouse traps don't work, I have even tried to use rat poison and it didn't work. So sticky traps was next on my list of things to try. One set out the other night with no result. Last night my husband put peanut butter in the middle of two of them. Late last night I went and checked on them and the one that was on the floor was gone. I later found it behind the washer. I also found where he was getting in at, through the hole around the washers drain pipe. I guess he got at least one foot stuck to the sticky trap and drug it to his escape route. He was not stuck on the trap. This morning both of the sticky traps had all their peanut butter gone and one of the regular traps was upside down. No mouse! There was some gray fur on one of the sticky traps, the mouse I seen was not gray but brown. How many mice are coming in this house every night? I must have an invincible mouse family invading my laundry room. Today we will fill that hole and hopefully keep those pesky, furry creatures out of my plants.    
     I need to go . Have a good day.

                                                           April Whitehair

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