Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 12, 2014

     Good morning. It is a rainy morning. They say we will get snow again today, probably not much but any snow is to much snow for me. Yesterday was so beautiful out. I had the doors open letting some fresh air in. I walked around the house and set in the sun as much as I could, soaking up the warmth of an early spring sun.
     My poor seedlings have went through trauma again  My husband knocked off the k-cup tray and spilt the heirloom tomato seedling. If they all survive they will be the strongest plants ever. I was able to sort the seedlings in the large tray that was dumped my the cat last weekend. They are getting big enough now to tell the difference in most of them. I am not sure what they are but I have all the like plants together anyway. Four of the pepper seeds have started to grow, I don't know which is which but I am glad to see them growing anyway.
     I have been accepted into a farming group that I have been wanting to join. I am super excited. It is a farm girl sisterhood. Kind of like the girl scouts but for adults. I will be working on earning my badges. Many, many badges are available in all kinds of areas. I think I will work on the embroidery badge first. I bought a small embroidery project from A.C. Moore the last time I was there and started working on it and I enjoy it quite a lot. I need to find a cow to milk. Do you know anyone who has a cow I could learn to milk? This sisterhood will give me something to do and something to look forward to and more than likely get me out of my comfort zone. Plus I will be learning a lot of new things, things I thought I would never learn. I will also teach you something new, maybe if you haven't heard of it before. Glamping. Do you know what that is? It is camping with a glamorous touch. That is something I will need to do to earn a badge. Look up glamping ideas on Pinterest to see what I am talking about. So cool!
     I need to go get this day going. Have a good day.

                                               April Whitehair

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