Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 29, 2014

     Good morning. Yeah, my helper comes today. I am so happy to have relief. I don't have any plans for today except cleaning and probably taking a nap. Yesterday I had to go back to the doctor because of this sinus infection that I just can't seem to kill. New antibiotics and steroids started. I hope this works.
     While at the doctors yesterday I finally decided to ask for help with this depression I have been dealing with. My family has been telling be to go see a doctor about it since around October but I just didn't want to go and be put on drugs. I figure it is just some type of seasonal depression, a lot of my family deals with this. So anyway I decided to talk to the doctor and I had to do an assessment to see if my issues were anxiety or depression or both. The doctor said it seems like I am just depressed and understandably because of all I have to do and deal with at home with Mom. I was given a prescription for an antidepressant, I hope it works and I can get out of this funk that I am in. I want to say to anyone who is having depression issues please just go talk to a doctor, it was easy and painless and it just may save your life if your depression gets to bad. Also I don't have a family doctor that I go see on a regular basis. I went to one of those quick care clinic places and I had thought that the doctor there would tell me that I needed to get a regular doctor to be prescribed an antidepressant but I was wrong. I can go there and be treated and get the medication that I need. So no more excuses all you depressed people, go get some help.
     I need to go get this day started. Have a good day.

                                   April Whitehair

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