Monday, December 23, 2013

December 23, 2013

      Good morning. I got my new washer yesterday. I was like a kid at Christmas. It is just the basic cheapest washer but it is new and it is mine and I love it.
      Well this morning has not been a good morning so far. Mom had taken her teeth out sometime last night and her dog broke them. I could take her back to the dentist to try to get new ones made but the last time I had her there he said there would be no use making her new ones, they would not feel right to her and she, in her mental state, would not use them. So I guess she will not have teeth anymore. These may still work but I just can't get her to try them to see.
     Also she would not stand up this morning, I worked with her for an hour trying to get her to stand she just wouldn't do it. so I had to role her around on the bed to get her cleaned up and put her in the wheelchair to get her into the kitchen for breakfast. Which she ate cereal somehow without her teeth.
     I have so much to get done today. I need to finish cleaning for Christmas. I am not as worried about getting everything done like I was at Thanksgiving. It is what it is. This house is well lived in.
Have a good day.

                                                         April Whitehair

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