Thursday, December 26, 2013

December 26, 2013

     Good morning. Hope everyone had a good Christmas. My Christmas was very good. I received a lot of presents most of which I asked for and a few that were surprises. My husband got lots of presents and so did Mom. Mom this year was unable to open her gifts by herself, she didn't understand why we were asking her to rip paper. Most of the gifts I received were prepper related, I got a hand crank wheat grinder, hand crank radio/light, a dehydrator all from my husband and my sister M got me a book on water bath canning.
     All my sisters and their husbands and kids came to lunch. We all ate way to much and laughed and had a all around good time. My sister M got all her sisters a diamond candle for Christmas. They have a ring in every candle worth between $10 and $5000. I lit mine as soon as I got it and the rest of my sisters lit theirs as soon as they got home. Well none of ours were worth $5000. But the excitement of waiting for the wax to melt to see what you get was fun.
     Cousin T is with Mom today. I am going to go get out of this house. Not sure what I am going to do except go to the dollar store here in town. I just want out of this house. It is snowing and I hope the roads are not to bad. I need to leave soon before they get worse.
      Have a good day.

                                                           April Whitehair

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