Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013

     Good morning. We had a very good weekend that I can now finally tell you where we went. My husband and I went to Pittsburgh for my husband's brother's surprise birthday party.  This is the first time meeting my new brother-in-law R, his wife, and their two daughters. We had such a good time it was well worth the drive. I hope we will be able to get these two brothers together again very soon.
     I could not imagine not seeing your brother for years and years. My family is thankfully so close in location and in heart. We seem to always be coming up with reasons to get together, holidays, family reunions, and birthdays, almost every month we will all be together.
     I also found out something, my brother-in-law R reads this blog. How cool is that! Hello brother R, if you are really reading this. I had never before this weekend met or talked to him but he had taken time to read my blog. But mostly I think he read it because he wanted to see who is brother was married to and also wanted to see how his brother was getting along. I do hope that by reading this blog he could see that I am a normal boring person. Just living my life the best way that I can and giving all the credit to whom it belongs, God.
     We had originally had planned to make this weekend a mini romantic vacation. Go to the party then get a hotel room and spend the night alone, relaxing and forgetting about all our responsibilities at home. Then driving home on Sunday. Well that did not happen as planned. My husband's aunt needed a ride and that changed our plans. Which I am now thankful for because we made it home just a little after midnight on Sunday morning and the roads were clear but if we would have stayed overnight in Pittsburgh and drove home sometime Sunday we would have been driving on snow covered roads. There was lots of accidents between here and there on Sunday. It all worked out and we made it there and back safe.   
     My sister M and brother G took care of Mom this weekend. Thank you guys for always being there for us when we need it. They both said that they could see a difference in Mom with the change in her medication. It appears to be working, she is sleeping at night and being nicer when she is awake. Hopefully no more mean Mom who spits and yells.
     I need to go get this day started. Have a good day.

                                                                April Whitehair

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