Friday, November 8, 2013

November 8, 2013

     Good morning. I was finally able to log on to Blogger. Sometimes websites just don't work no matter how many times you refresh. Oh well, I was able to get on today. Didn't miss much, my life is very boring.
     Yesterday my sister M came down so I could get out. I told my sister I only needed to get a few things but came home with the trunk completely full. But like I told her I can justify everything I bought. Plus I needed to get some things for Thanksgiving dinner, I would rather just go ahead and get it and know I have everything I need just in case something would happen and I can't get out again before Thanksgiving.
     So I seen somewhere where you take a pack of uncooked bacon and chop it up into small pieces, then put them in dry ice cube trays and freeze them. Then put the frozen bacon cubes in a Ziploc in the freezer to use anytime you want bacon in potatoes, beans, or anything you would want a little bacon in. Like it would be just the right amount of bacon to fry and put into an omelet, on homemade pizza, or to top a salad. Oh so many ideas. I will be totally be freezing some bacon today.
     My husband comes home today for good. He will be graduating and not have to go back out of town. I am so proud of him. They say the training that he went through was very hard and I am so proud that he made it and did so well. It will be so good to have him here everyday and he can help me with Mom. I wont be alone anymore.
     I need to get this house cleaned up before he gets here. Have a good day.

                                                                April Whitehair

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