Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1, 2013

     Good morning. Wow we had a good/bad storm roll through here last night. The wind was so strong that it shook my bedroom so much that it woke me up. Out of some sort of instinct I ran and stood in the door way between the kitchen and living room. I heard a lot of crashing and things falling outside but it was to dark to see anything. This morning I must say that we are lucky compared to my neighbors. My aunt/neighbor had a large tree fall in her yard, if it was over a little it would have taken out her car port. My sister H/neighbor had a tree fall on her van and break her windshield. The only thing that happened here at this house is a cabinet on the front porch fell over. So I can say that we were very lucky.
     Yesterday I went out with my cousin, I had such a good time. We went to an old 5 and dime, there was so much stuff that I would have loved to have bought but I controlled myself and spent a little under thirty dollars. Then we went to a very large antique store, there was so much stuff there it was hard to see it all. I seen several things I would have liked to buy but I didn't want to splurge to much. I am hoping to be able to go back to both places some time in the future. I had a good time spending time with my cousin. It is so nice to talk to someone who can carry a conversation with you. And she is such a sweet person, she treated me to lunch. I hope to be able to get out and go other places with her again in the future.
     Thank you to my sister M for staying with Mom while I got out yesterday. I don't know what I would do without you. You are such a blessing. Also she and brother G will be picking up Mom today and taking her to their house to spend the weekend. I love having weekends to spend alone with my husband every now and then. I think the alone time is a much needed thing in a marriage.
     Today is going to be a busy day. My husband comes home from working out of town all week and Mom leaves this evening for her weekend away. I need to get this house cleaned and Mom packed and ready to go. Have a good day.

                                                          April Whitehair 

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