Saturday, October 19, 2013

October 19, 2013

     Good morning. Some how I am awake before everyone else in the house this morning even though I was woke up several times by Mom last night. I really need to talk to her doctor about getting her a sleeping pill. I honestly wouldn't mind her waking me up if she needed something but when she wakes me up to say "I want to go home." or "When are they going to be here?" it drives me crazy.
     My husband came home yesterday. I love having him here with us. I love being able to go to him with my thoughts, concerns, and issues. He is good to talk to. Some how he knows the difference between, "Man, she is driving me crazy!" and "Man, she is driving me crazy!" Looks the same but he can tell when I mean I need two minutes, you go deal with her, or I just want to vent.
     Mom's UTI is getting better, at least she is showing signs of getting better. I am so glad because they had said it this antibiotic didn't work she would need IV antibiotics. Which would mean spending time in the hospital and we definitely didn't want that.
     Even though it is getting to be late October I do still have a few things going on in the garden. My husband has a very nice sized pumpkin and a couple small ones still growing on the vine. And my bird house gourd plants are still producing baby gourds. There are two gourds that are nice sized ones. I just hope the frost will hold off till the get a little bigger. Next year I will have to plant these much earlier than I did this year.
     I need to go. Everyone is starting to wake up and I will be expected to do something other than look at this screen. Have a good day.

                                                             April Whitehair

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