Thursday, October 3, 2013

October 3, 2013

     Good morning. I made it one more day without my husband being home. He should be home some time tomorrow, I can't wait. I am planning on making a good dinner for his first night home. Though by what he has told me I think he may have been eating better than me all week.
     I think I have been doing a lot better with Mom than I thought I would have while my husband is away. Last evening when Mom got into her crying, wanting her mom and dad who died 30 years ago, not listening to anything I said, and just being all around difficult, like she does every evening. My sister stopped up at just the right time. I seen her coming through the door and said, "She is yours." I was able to walk away and take a break and calm down. Mom calmed down very quickly by the distraction. It seems like the only thing that works, someone else coming in and changing the atmosphere in the room. Mom was just fine the rest of the evening. I was calmer the rest of the evening as well.
     I have decided to identify my sisters but not use their names on this blog. I have always just said my sister, well I have three sisters and how will I know in the future which one I was talking about? So from now on I have sister M, H, and A. Love you girls, I hope this is ok.
     So my sister H, the one that came up last night, had good news that I would like to share. She won two first place ribbons for her apple pies in the Apple Butter Festival apple pie contest. Congratulations! For years Mom, sister H, and I would all enter the contest and it was fun to see who between us would beat the other. I think we all took turns winning first place. All in good fun and bragging rights. Mom had been unable to enter for a few years due to her dementia and I missed the date to enter last year and this year I just plain old didn't want to do it, I could say I didn't have the time but I could have made time. But just to pick on my sister I must say that if I would have entered I would have beat you. LOL.  She brought up a piece of pie for Mom and I to try last night and it was very good.
     Yesterday morning was Mom's follow up surgeon appointment. Everything is healing well. I was able to see the x-rays from before the surgery and yesterday. Rod and pin, not much else to say that it looked like. She wont have to go see him again for a year.
     Have a good day.

                                                            April Whitehair

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