Saturday, October 5, 2013

October 5, 2013

    Good morning. My husband came home yesterday, I am so happy he is here. I missed him so much. He is sore from all the exercise he had to do for training but he woke up this morning and ran a mile. I am so proud of him. It is great to have my supporter here with me to help me with Mom. I will miss him when he goes back on Monday.
     I told you yesterday about the blog I found that shows you how to do the calculations for how much you should plant to feed your family for a year. My husband helped me with the math last night, which was very interesting to say the least. A lot of laughs, even Mom came in to watch us 'argue' about the way to do it. She found it very funny. After figuring it out I decided that I would just plant what I wanted and see how that goes. The results that we came up with was crazy, like we would need to plant 300 corn. There is no way I am going to plant 300 corn, 16 maybe definitely not 300.
     I am thinking about buying a chainsaw. Well to be honest a battery powered chainsaw. I don't think I could use a regular gas powered one, they are very heavy. Why do I want a chainsaw? We have a useless hill behind the house that does nothing but grow junk trees. I would like to cut down those trees and plant fruit and nut trees. I think that would be better use of that land that now is not being used for anything. I had thought of getting goats and putting them on that hill but I think I could get better use of it with trees. We shall see if I actually do it. I have been looking into the price of battery powered chainsaws and the customer reviews, I think I found one that I might get. It will only cut 7inch diameter trees at the most which is ok for me because most of the trees on that hill are around that size or smaller. There are a couple that are bigger than that but I don't want to cut them, I don't want to drop them on the house. I am not skilled cutting trees but I am hoping to add to my skills list. My poor husband just shakes his head at me and my big ideas.
     I need to go. Have a good day.

                                                             April Whitehair  

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