Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

     Good morning. Well it is Monday and my husband has left again to go out of town for work. He has been gone for three weeks and has three more weeks to go. Today he will have to be pepper sprayed, actually I think it is called something else, for training for his job. He is so not looking forward to having that done but I believe he went through something similar when he was in the Navy. I will be worried about him all day and hope he survives.
     Yesterday my sister A came down and spent time with Mom so I could go to church. I hadn't been to church since Mom broke her hip almost two months ago. It was so nice to get to fellowship and hear a good sermon. I love going to church. It puts me in a better frame of mind and kind of lets me put my life in context. Though my church may be small the love felt is great.
     So it frosted last night. I am not sure how that will effect the pumpkins and gourds still on the vine. When it warms up some I will go out and check on them. I need to do some research on what to do with the gourds. I hope the frost did not hurt them.
     I have so much cleaning to do. I don't do much house work when my husband is home on the weekends. Plus I try not to do much on Sundays, only the things I absolutely have to do to provide care for Mom. With all the dishes and laundry stacked up waiting on me I will have a busy day.
     Have a good day.

                                                                 April Whitehair

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