Friday, July 12, 2013

July 12, 2013 The Power Outage

     Good morning. I was unable to post yesterday because of a power outage. To most people loosing electrical power is a major disadvantage but for a prepper it is a blessing. Yes a blessing, a chance to try out your preps and see the areas that you have forgotten to prepare for. New areas of concern have come to mind and new ideas are forming.
     The power went out the night before last and lasted about 19 hours. During the first hour of the power outage I set down and by candle light I wrote the 'old fashion way' by pen and paper, my thoughts. And I think I would like to share them with you. So below will be what I wrote.

7-10-2013                  8:30pm
     Well the electric went out about 40 minutes ago and I already am bored and mad at myself for not being better prepared. I call myself a prepper but really I think I am just a want a be. Mostly I am mad that I can't watch Big Brother on tv. It's suppose to be on right now and it's driving me crazy. What does that say about my priorities?
     A couple of minutes before the storm hit we all were standing outside talking to my sister/neighbor and she said we were going to get a big storm. Well I had not watched the news or the weather all day. And for the last several weeks we have been having bad storms with only a flicker of power outage. So I was not to worried. Then my husband said we have been lucky so far. When he said that I knew he just cursed us so I jumped up and went to run water. We live in the country so when the power is out so is the water. I was able to fill the kitchen sink, the tub, the washer, and two totes. Then the storm stopped and I was glad it had not effected the power but only a few minutes later poof the power was out. Now I'm glad I got all that water ready. It is hard to tell how long we will be without power. But this lack makes me think of other things that I wish I would have done. Like make more ice, stacked the freezer better to hold in more cold, made my husband one more gallon of tea. But over all the thing I wish I had done while prepping for who knows what is bought a generator. At least with one I could be watching Big Brother!
     Also being a prepper in thought makes me wonder if this power outage is only because of the storm or if SHTF has actually happened. I don't even have a radio that I can use to hear the news. I have two cd/radios but both take more batteries than I have. Guess I should have thought about that before...
     The list is endless of what I would have done differently or better or more of.
     How would we as a people know if SHTF happened. How much in the dark 'so to speak' would we be? Would the information come word of mouth from person to person. Would there be even  radio news to listen to if we had that ability.
     I am poorly prepared for any and all instances. This I have come to strongly realize. Though I am not afraid, maybe naively so. I don't expect others or our country to support me and mine during our countries time of need. I have faith of God that He sees all His children through.
     I may go wash dishes in the water I ran before it slowly slips away. Something to do to keep me active and hopeful to the future. God bless and keep moving. May God guide your steps.
                                                                         April Whitehair

     So that is what I wrote. I wrote it and put it away and did not think about it again till I started writing this post today. So I pulled it back out and read it for the first time. I think it is so telling of what my thought and feelings were at that moment. I think that if you want to be better prepared for power outages or other difficulties you should set your self down during a temporary power outage and write how you feel and what your actually thinking about. Then when your mini crisis is over and life goes back to normal you can read what you wrote and see the things that you need to work on.
     I woke up yesterday morning with the power still off and decided to try out some ideas that I had been thinking on. One of my main concerns was dealing with the lack of water. So I got up early and got dressed and gathered three 2liter soda pop bottles and set out for the natural water source I had scouted out months ago. I collected the water and carried them home. I set the water to boil like I had read to do and set down to rest and read through a survival book that my husband had bought. I read over the pages that concerned finding and purifying water. Well first I should have read the book first, secondly I should have filtered it first before boiling it. Well I let it boil for about 30 minutes the filtered it through a coffee filter. But to my surprise the water was slightly yellow. Not sure the reason for that. It will be one of the things I will research before I would have to actually need to use the water. But over all it was a good experiment to see if I could do it and what I need to change to fix the problems.
      Well as I said the electric came back on and all is well again. I am off to do what needs done. Have a good day.
                                                                                April Whitehair

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