Monday, July 1, 2013

Under the Dome, and Books

     Good morning. It is a little later that I usually write. I am having a hard time motivating today. I do that sometimes my brain will say get up and do this or that but my body says NO. I am not sure why, it just happens every now and then. I am finally up, setting outside, typing and hoping that the fresh air and sunlight will give me my oomph back. We shall see. I have lots I want to do and even more that I don't really want to do but need to.
     Last night was Big Brother. I love Big Brother! I have been a fan for many years. I have even got my husband watching it with me. So I am sure I will comment on it several times over this season. Also last night was the premier of Under the Dome, it was a very good episode. I cant wait to see the rest. If you watched it last night, near the beginning with the cow was the greatest, total OMG and yucky!  FYI for me OMG means oh my goodness, just thought I would share. I have a feeling that the Under the Dome show will be right up my alley. I hope it shows some of the difficulties of living in an secluded state so that we all can get more ideas in relation to prepping and survival.
     By the way my library of prepping and homesteading is growing with the purchases of books from our church yard sale. I think it may have looked strange to some the books that I bought but I think they all will fit nicely among the others. I bought two on sewing, one of which is an old school book from the seventies, so the styles are outdated but the basics are all the same. Another of the books is a homemaking guide published in the 1937. I am reading it now. Wow have times changed. There is a lot to do with etiquette, and a lot that doesn't apply today. But some things never go out of style or shouldn't go out of style. Plus there is a lot of info on things that interest me and things that would be good to know or at least have the ability to look up if a situation arises that I would need it.
     So anyways I am going to go try to get some things done. Have a good day.

                                                                     April Whitehair

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