Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 31, 2013 Laundry

     Good morning. Yesterday's big job was washing all the clothes in Mom's closet. First I washed the jeans and pants cause I knew they would take the longest to line dry but I didn't think about the jackets and coats. Anyway I got all of it done up to the jackets that I washed but the sun went down before I could put them on the line to dry and also the coats. So I am glad that I have a dryer because rain is in the forecast for today. I sorted all the clothes once they were dry and got a box full for the church yard sale. But there will be more after I finish.
     I know that when I hang out clothes on the line to dry the neighbors who pass by must think that my dryer has broken, for why else would I be line drying clothes?  To tell the truth I really like it. I enjoy being out side. I like using free energy to get the clothes dry. I like not heating up the house by using the dryer. I like getting away from all the issue inside the house even for a few minutes while hanging, checking, and taking down clothes. When I was washing all the contents of  the linen closet I had my husband help me put up even more line to dry on. He lovingly calls it my spider web.
     So in doing all this line drying I began thinking about the 'proper' way to hang clothes to dry. You know the way it was done by our grandmothers. There seems to be a proper way to hang everything. And back in the day you was looked down upon if you hung your clothes wrong or washed on the wrong day. Monday was wash day, and Monday only. If you had the wash hanging out on a Thursday you were committing an awful faux pas. Well now days it seems that just using a clothes line is an awful faux pas no matter what day. Anyway I found conflicting data on hanging pants upside down or right side up and the same with shirts. I guess it is a matter of opinion. So I decided to do them both ways then turn them after a while. It seems where the clothes pins were the clothes were still wet so turning them helped. Oh well they all got dry and to me that is what counts.
     Today I must finish up then on to some other crazy idea, I am sure I will come up with something. Have a good day.

                                                      April Whitehair

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