Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013 Storage Building Part 2

     Good morning. Yesterday we completed the storage building except for the plywood floor. We will need to wait for a dry day and the use of my sister and her husband's truck. Which she is probably reading this before I even have a chance to ask, so hey sissy can I borrow your truck sometime? Hopefully her response is yes, then we can get the building finished. But then the real hard work is on me to do. I must go through all the stuff we had packed away and stored in the old house next door, that is now falling in, when we moved from our house to live here with my Mom when she started needing help due to her Alzheimer's. We had to move all our stuff from a two bedroom house into our bedroom that my wonderful brother-in-law attached to Mom's house. Which was impossible so thankfully the owners of the old house next door allowed us to use it as a storage place for all our extra stuff. That is what is great about living in a community of caring family members, when someone needs help there is always someone who is willing and able to help. I did go through the stuff last summer and get rid of about half but I want to resort all of it and hopefully get rid of about half of it again. Then I will pack what I want to keep in plastic totes and label it all before putting it in the new storage building. I am so excited about this building, I have been wanting and planning for it since we moved in here.
     Well with a few things to do around the house and a lot of sorting to do I must go and get things started. Have a good day.

                                                                         April Whitehair

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