Sunday, July 7, 2013

July 7, 2013 Storage Building

     Good morning. Yesterday my husband didn't go golfing he decided that we should build the storage building. We had bought the storage building kit during the winter when it was on sale and waited for nice weather and time to build it. It was way to hot yesterday to build it, in my opinion. After about 3 hours of steady work and lots of sweating I got sick and could not continue. We took about a 20 minute break and sat in the ac and I had cool wash rags over my face and back of my neck. Then back at it for about 30 minutes then I got the dry heaves. Yes I am not use to working out side in the sun and heat. I usually only work outside first thing in the morning before it gets to hot or after the sun goes behind the trees in the evening. So after getting sick I was done. I felt so bad that I could not continue. I felt fat and lazy. Well we stopped for a while and got some rest and ate and let the sun go down some then we went back at it. We did not finish it last night. It got to dark to see and we heard thunder off in the distance, not good to be holding on to a bunch of metal when the lightening strikes. So we stopped for the night. But now we have to finish today. I hope that it is not as hot today but by the way it feels already it is going to be very hot. We are suppose to be getting some rain also but I hope we can get it finished in between the rain drops.
     I have a busy day that I must get ready for. Have a good day.

                                                                           April Whitehair

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