Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 23, 2013

     Good morning. Yesterday I took Mom to visit her twin sister on their birthday. The visit was short. Mom got stuck repeating on a picture of one of her sisters that has recently past away. She would see the picture and ask who it was and we would tell her and she would ask how she was then she sister would tell her that she has past, Mom would get upset and look away then back at the picture and ask again who it was. Repeat, repeat. After doing this she turned to me almost in tears and said she didn't want to go up the big hill, her sister lives down a very steep driveway, I said we would have to so we could go home and she took that as it was time to go home. After lots of hugs and kisses all around we left. So it was a short visit, but I didn't realize just how short till we got home and I seen the clock and realized we were there for only about half an hour. But at least Mom got to see her sister.
     One of Mom's nieces stopped in to see her and say happy birthday and gave her a card and a gift. Mom likes to get visitors. I on the other hand always feel like my house isn't clean enough. I know that people stop by to visit not look at the house but with me being a homemaker and caregiver as a job it seems like I should have a spotless house and no dirty dishes in my sink. I just can't do it. My house is not disgusting  just well lived in. Plus we have a dog and four cats, so I shall blame it all on them. No, but really I try to have a decently clean home, I am more concerned about germs than clutter. One day I may keep a clean spotless home but I wouldn't bet on it.
     Yesterday for lunch we had cucumbers and fried green tomatoes. Both fresh out of our garden. I just love being able to feed my family with the food that I have grown and not spending much money getting it to the table. The garden is doing good. I picked the last of the peas to be used as seed for next year. I have been reading where people will plant more stuff now in place of the things that they have finished harvesting. I don't think I will be doing that. I am not sure what I would plant.
     I should go and clean this house. Maybe... Have a good day.

                                                               April Whitehair

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