Friday, July 19, 2013

July 20, 2013

     Good morning. It is still so hot outside. It should be cooler next week according to the weather, plus we are suppose to be getting some rain. We had to water the garden again last night. This heat makes the plants very thirsty. I have so many sweet banana peppers to pick today and cut up to freeze. I did this last year and I still have some in the freezer. I use them in fried potatoes and meatloaf and anything else I can find to put them in. I do the same for bell peppers, but this year I don't have any peppers yet on those plants. The sunflower blooms are so close to being open. I keep thinking any day now. The birdhouse gourd plants have grown a lot since putting the trellis behind them. No blooms on them yet. We were able to pick three more cucumbers which I will slice and soak in salt water. That is what Mom always did,  yummy.
     I am so frustrated with this computer. I keep hitting some button inadvertently and it makes it impossible to correct any mistake. I don't know what button I am hitting so I don't know how to fix it. Anyone have any ideas? Usually if I make a mistake I can go in and correct it. Like if I type 'of' instead of 'on' and I try to go back and back space over the 'f' and try to replace it with the 'n' it takes away the 'f' and the space after the word and then when I hit space it takes away the first letter of the next word and on and on. It is hard to explain. Anyway I must end now because I wont retype everything I have already typed to correct a small mistake.
     Have a good day.

                                                                 April Whitehair

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