Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013 A review of yesterday's reunion.

     Good morning. Yesterday was my Dad's side of the family reunion. It was such a good day. It got hot but not as hot as it was last year for the reunion. I believe there was around 50 people there, which is less than usual. Several people just couldn't make it. But we understand that not everyone can travel here every year. We have many family members that live in other states and with jobs and the economy it is difficult to return home every year. But we had a lot of food, and very good food at that. We all ate way to much and set around and talked. My family is very close and there are lots of ornery funny people. A lot of jokes were told. A lot of memories were made and shared. After eating one of our main activities is shooting guns. We have been doing this for as long as I can remember. Skeet shooting is a highlight for all. Everyone shoots at least once, most shoot several times. It is a time for the adult males to show off there guns and for the children to be educated on gun safety. And I can tell you that we all in this family have inherited the ability to be a good shot, evident by the little ones that can hit the skeet that are flying through the air on their first shot. A lot of children never have been around guns before and have not idea how to be around guns safely, this activity is such a learning event. The kids think it is fun but what they don't realize is that they are being taught many lessons with the adults by there side. This is where I have learned most of my gun respect and lessons as a child and I am proud that the future generations of this family are learning the same.
    After the skeet shooting comes the time to eat homemade ice cream. Even though we are all still to full to eat anything, everyone somehow finds a way to eat at least a cup full. Plus it is very cooling during a hot day. This is also a tradition that we do every year.
     After the eating and skeet shooting and eating ice cream comes the time to just sit around and talk. Many people leave during this time and there are only a few that are left, well maybe 20 or more stick around to just hang out and be together, its like we just don't want the day to end. Then someone, my niece, says that she is hungry again. I don't know how she could possible be hungry after all that eating. But then we know it is time to set out all the left over food again and start to eat again. Like I said we are very good eaters. Even though we all are saying there is no way we could eat another bite, we all go back through the line and get at least get one more plate full. Then we are really done. We can hardly move but then it is time to clean up, putting up the tables and chairs, cleaning up all the food and dividing up what is left. Many hands make light work and it all gets done quickly. By the time we get home it is around 8pm and all we can do is lay down and go to sleep.
     Mom had such a good day. Everyone in this family seems to love her and respect her. They all care for her and look out for her. Everyone is willing to offer a helping hand with her. It makes me so happy to see the respect they give her. It is hard to pick a favorite moment concerning the family's treatment of Mom but this morning what sticks in my head is when we all were watching and shooting the pistols, my cousin well actually he would be my 1st cousin's husband, he offered her a chair to sit in and pulled up a chair and set beside her and they just talked and watched the shooting. This may not seem to be a big deal to anyone else but he is a very quiet type and to me seems not very social. But he took a special step and offered her a seat and offered to spend time with her. Something so small seems so huge to me.
      I had such an enjoyable day and can't wait till we do it again next year.
     Have a good day.

                                                              April Whitehair 

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