Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 3, 2013

     Good morning. So I have decided to just use the date as the title of each blog post because it started to get hard for me to think of a title for each post. But I am sure if there is something specific that I write about I will add a title to the date for easier finding. Anyway I am awake and my home is already up and active. Mom is up and about, I have been noticing increased confusion for the last couple days, not sure if it is just a bad couple of days or the progression of the Alzheimer's. Last night she came to me and told me that I could go on vacation and that she would be ok here all by herself. Some of you know that I have just gotten back from vacation and she had her own sort of vacation to her oldest daughters house then she got to spend time with her other daughters while I was away. After trying to reorient her, which didn't work, I just said ok thanks and then changed conversation. What else should I have done?
     Yesterday evening my husband was mowing the yard and I was walking Mom's dog and my cat, the baby, Itsy Bitsy was walking with us, which he does often. He always seems to be right behind me following me everywhere I go. Lucky and I was going up the steps to go back in the house and a car was coming down the road. Itsy Bitsy was still across the road walking in the ditch. He didn't hear the car till it was to late. He has always been scared of any vehicles on the road. He tried to run across the road but got hit by the car. I seen it all. The car never stopped, didn't even slow down. He got hit by the tire and got tossed into the weeds. I instantly freaked out. That is my baby boy. My husband heard me scream and came running. We ran for the hill across the road and did a mad frantic search for him. Through the weeds, thorns. poison ivy, brush, and berry vines. I was unable to do much at first I just stood there and cried for my baby. My husband was looking like crazy up and down the ditch, up the hill through and under the thorns and poison ivy. We could not find him. After 45 minutes of frantic searching up and down the hill, lots of yelling for him and even more crying. I decided to go put better shoes on, I was in flip flops, so I could search better. I walked in the house and there on the living room floor was Itsy Bitsy. Looking at me like what are you crazy humans doing out there yelling like that. I yelled for my husband. And picked up Itsy Bitsy and loved on him like he had never been loved on before. I made him walk to see if he was hurt and he was perfectly fine. No cries of pain, no cuts, no nothing just an ornery cat who was enjoying all the attention he was getting. I quickly did a head count of all the other cats we have, maybe it was one of them that I saw getting hit. Nope they were all fine and accounted for. So I went down to my sister/neighbor's house and walked around and did a head count and check there. No injured cats there either. I don't know how it happened, how he survived without even a scratch. But we are so very glad. I kept him in my room with me all night being an over protective mommy. This morning I did let him back outside. He ran around playing with his brother while my husband and I did our garden check. He is an inside/outside cat. He grew up here and loves to play outside. I could never lock him up in the house for ever. I want him to be happy and being outside makes him happy.
      The road is so close to my house. It is a one lane road, but the people who live around here drive way to fast on it. There is always a number of kids that play and ride there bikes up and down the road right in front of my house plus all the animals and my Mom who walks her dog often on that road. You would think people would know better than to drive so fast in areas where they could hit someone or something. One thing I do know is that Mom has Alzheimer's and she has lived here in this house for 40 plus years, she has every right to be outside and do the things that she enjoys. I also know that if anyone ever hits her with their car while she is walking her dog or just taking a walk I will not rest till they pay for their irresponsibility. That is one thing you can be sure of.
     Ok I have said my piece and need to go. Have a good day.

                                                                     April Whitehair

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