Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 16, 2013 Garden review again.

     Good morning. It sure is hot outside already. We finished the floor in the storage building yesterday. But now it is way to hot to do much sorting and packing, I was able to put the totes in the new building that I had packed last week. It is so nice to see it with totes in it. I think it will be full in a short time. Why do I have all this junk? Well it is not junk to me.
     Garden update time again. The good things first. Cucumbers are doing great, we have a couple that are ready to be picked and lots that are still small. I am a little surprised how well they are doing. They are planted in a spot that doesn't get much sun and gets a lot of rain, but they are thriving. Green bean plant are doing great. The string trellis that I made is working out wonderfully. The green beans have lots of blooms but no beans yet. Sunflower plants are so tall and they are the dwarf variety, seeds that I have saved from last year. The flowers are almost open maybe in a day or two. The pea plants have died. There are a few pea pods left that are still green I will pick those when the pods turn slightly brown and open slightly it use them as seeds for next year. I am trying to let the lettuce go to seed also for next year, but they are taking so long. The pumpkin plants are doing great, they are getting so big no blooms yet but the leaves are big and the vines are growing. The birdhouse gourd plants are growing and looking good. I didn't realize that they needed to grow up a trellis but that is ok my sister and her husband just gave me a large trellis that I will place behind them. I don't think the watermelon plants are doing well at all, just goes to show that gmo plants from last year, there seeds do not produce as their parents did. Sweet banana pepper plants are producing more than I can use, but that is ok I will cut them up and freeze them to use through out the winter. The bell pepper plants are small but continue to grow. One has a bloom so hopefully a pepper soon. Now about the tomato plants. My tomato plant is doing good. The tomatoes are many and look good, the vines are good also except for some of the lower leaves have turned yellow from all the rain. Now my husbands tomato plant that he treated with Miracle-Gro is looking very bad. There was a lot of black tomatoes and lots of black vines. I don't think it will recover. I think it was all the rain that damaged it. I feel kinda bad for his plant but I wonder if I can say now that I won the experiment on the use of Miracle-Gro verses egg shells? I think that is all the plants that are in the garden. I have decided that next year there will be two gardens. One that my husband can do what ever he wants and one that I will grow only organic non-gmo plants.
     I have to go get the day started. Have a good day.

                                                                      April Whitehair

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