Friday, July 5, 2013

July 5, 2013 Fireworks and Grocery Shopping

     Good morning. Yesterday was the 4th of July. Mom was invited by her daughter to go to her best friends house for a cook out celebration. Mom was happy to go even though while getting her ready she asked about 50 times who was picking her up and where she was going. My sister said Mom had a good time and ate a lot. By the looks of the pictures Mom did have a good time. I am so grateful for people like my sister and her best friend and their friends and family that are so accepting of my Mom. They all seem to be so caring, supportive, and loving. Outings like this is just what Mom needs. She deserves to be able to get out of the house and spend time with others. I don't do much with her it seems, life is busy enough for me just keeping the house going and all of us fed that the times I can get out I like to spend it alone with my husband or alone time by my self.
     So yesterday while Mom was out I went grocery shopping by my self. I hate to grocery shop with anyone else with me. So shopping gets two things done, grocery shopping and alone time. I plan for my shopping trip by making a large list, collecting and organizing coupons, loading digital coupons on to my store card, and planning to go when my husband is home so someone will be here for Mom. Except for yesterday my sister picked up Mom, so my husband had some alone time for himself which he chose to nap the whole time. I shop at Kroger's once a month to buy a large amount of the food supplies. Then the rest of the month I go to the local IGA to get a few things. They are to expensive to do all my shopping there. I also go to the Dollar Store to pick up some things like paper products, coffee, creamer, cereals, and soda. Things are a lot cheaper there than buying them else where. I rarely ever shop at Walmart, especially for food. They say they are cheaper than other stores around but by my experience I always pay more there. Maybe it has something to do with the digital coupons that I use at Kroger's. Well the shopping is done for the month except for bread which I only buy at the IGA because I cant buy it at Kroger's, their bread isle stinks like moldy bread all the time. I think that that smell permeates all the bread and I cant eat bread that smells bad. I would rather buy it at IGA or make my own from frozen bread dough. I do use coupons but I only buy the things I need and will use. Its a waist of money to buy something you don't like or use just to use a coupon. Sometimes I will use a lot sometimes a few. Yesterday I used three at the Dollar Store and one at Kroger's. But the month before I used several of them. It just depends on what I need.
     Last night my husband put on a fireworks display for Mom and me right in front of the house. They were local bought fireworks. Our state has laws against some fireworks. But it was nice for Mom to get to see them, she had always enjoyed watching them, but this year she didn't seem as excited. Oh well I enjoyed them.
     Have a good day.

                                                         April Whitehair

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