Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 18, 2013 A happy moment.

     Good morning. Yesterday was so hot there was a lot of clouds and thunder but no rain. So last night around 8pm I was out watering the garden. The dirt around the bell pepper plants was so dry that it had large cracks, hopefully the pepper plants will survive. The garden walk through this morning showed that everything seemed to like the watering last night. There is one bloom on the pumpkin plants and many blooms on the green bean plants. I also noticed last night that there are a couple cucumbers that are ready to be harvested. And two of my husbands tomatoes are turning red, I think his plant may just survive.
     Trying to sort and pack totes for the storage building that we built has been impossible in this heat. But not wanting to stop the progress all together I decided to work on it later in the evening. So last night after watering the garden I sorted and packed four more totes. It was still hot but better than trying to do it earlier in the day. My Mom gave all us girls, and my sisters have carried on the tradition with there kids, a Christmas decoration for I think our first Christmas. They are a plastic decoration that you put a light in. My sisters' have a Santa, a reindeer, and a snowman I think I am remembering that right. And mine was a candle with Noel wrote on the front. Well during a move some years ago I had lost it and sadly thought it was gone forever. Well last night while sorting out some old boxes guess what was in the bottom of one of them. Yep, my candle! It was such a happy moment. I hugged it and said a little thank you prayer, I think I would have cried but a car drove by and I realized how crazy I looked hugging a Christmas decoration in the middle of July in my front yard.
     Yesterday was Mom's bath day, which means Mom gets a bath, her dog gets a bath, and her bed sheets get changed. She hates to get a bath. If I would leave it up to her to decide when she takes one she would never again get a bath. I can tell that soon she will have to have an appointment with a podiatrist, foot doctor, to cut her big toe nails. The rest of her toenails are easy to cut. But what I can remember of her Dad, who also had Alzheimer's, he also had very thick impossible to cut big toe nails, that grew so long, Yuck, the thought of it makes me sick to my stomach. I was only five when grandpa died, so to a five year old it was traumatic to see toenails like his. I vow to not let hers get like his.
     Well the day seem to be full of cleaning house, laundry, and staying inside in the ac. Have a good day.

                                                                    April Whitehair

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