Saturday, July 13, 2013

July 13, 2013 Reunion #1

     Good morning. This is to be a long weekend. Today is Mom's side of the family reunion and tomorrow is Dad's side of the family reunion. I have lucked in to inheriting the dish that Mom has always made but now is unable to make due to her Alzheimer's. Probably the easiest thing to make, cheesecake. So I have made two, well actually it is four boxes, two in each pan. Everyone loves them and the pans come home empty or almost empty every time. Mom, before she got Alzheimer's, shared her secret on how to make them so good and I hope I do them justice. Everyone seems to like them whether Mom makes them or me so I must be doing it right.
     I come from families that are both great cooks. We really can do some eating. We all eat till we just can't eat anymore than we eat some more. Yes we are that good of cooks and maybe even better  eaters. Definitely no dieting this weekend.
     The reunion today is so much fun. Mom gets to see her brothers and sisters that she doesn't get to see much. Then after all the eating they have a auction, were we all bring a wrapped gift of some sort and everyone bids on them. The money goes for the things needed to put on the reunion the next year. The wrapped gifts could be anything. And with some of my Uncles it is hard to tell what kind of gag gifts they would bring. It is always exciting to see what you bought. Some gifts sell for a dollar and sometimes I have seen them sell for twenty. It just depends how ornery my family feels. Last year my husband got a nice set of storage containers of all sizes, I think he spent 16 dollars for them, but it was fun and I will always have a gift that my Uncle gave, he now has cancer and is fighting it very hard. That same Uncle the year before bid on something and won and he gave it to me,  Which he does often, he will win and say give it to her, which could be anyone of his nieces, or sisters or anyone else in the crowd. I just love that man. I so hope he wins his battle against cancer. Well the gift he won and gave me the other year that I was speaking of was food canisters that has bears and fall leaves and cabins on them, not something I would pick for myself, but sense it was from him I will treasure them for ever, actually they sit on my dresser in my bedroom, collecting spare change and batteries and the like. They will always have a special place in my heart and my home.
     Well today is going to be a long one and I need to get it started. Have a good day.

                                                                        April Whitehair

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