Sunday, July 14, 2013

July 14, 2013 Reunion #2

     Good morning. Yesterday was a long day and I am very tired this morning. We had a wonderful time at Moms reunion and ate way to much. We did a lot of setting around talking, reminiscing about Grandma and Grandpa, catching up with family we hadn't seen in a long time and definitely eating. It was nice to see Mom hugging all her brothers and sisters. She remembered all of them, I think, but I don't think she really remembered anyone else. She definitely remembers her twin sister, she loves her so much. It was nice to see all the love and caring showed to her by her brothers and sisters. It touched my heart when one of her sisters sat with her while eating and helped her by getting her drinks and coffee and extra deserts and just talking with her like she was her old self. Something so little is so meaningful to my Mom, so meaningful to me. It is very interesting to see those who approached her with love and caring and those who avoided her. She is the oldest of that family, the big sister.
     The auction went well. My husband bid and won a gift for me, it was a snowman candle holder with a candle in it. A good prepper item. I bid on and won food storage containers, I paid 13 dollars for them, you can't see what is in the boxes till you win the bid and open the box. But I am always glad to get storage containers, I seem to never find a bottom and a lid that match when needed. I also won a blanket in the raffle. The kind where you have to cut and tie the two pieces together. So it is more like a project than a prize. But it will be a good blanket for Mom.
     Something else I observed at the reunion was my niece, 17, and nephew, 14. They are such good and caring young adults. They love and care for each other like no other brother and sister I have seen before. I am sure they fight at home like all siblings do but yesterday they showed so much maturity. My niece got a gift from the drawling then when it was her brothers turn and there was nothing left that a young man would want, she gave him her gift and chose something else for her self, even though it wasn't what she really wanted. That is the definition of unselfishness if I have ever seen one. My sister and brother-in-law have done an excellent job in raising two fine young adults.      
     Today is Dad's side of the family reunion. Last night after the other reunion we went up to my uncle's house to get things set up for today's reunion. Even when working we have a good time together. It is nice to see all the children and young men working. The children working hard side by side with there cousins and the young men working side by side with the older men. All learning irreplaceable lessons.
     Today is church then the reunion. I have so much to do. Have a good day.

                                                                 April Whitehair

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