Saturday, July 27, 2013

July 27, 2013 Drones!

     Good morning. Yesterday evening we had the party for Mom and my niece. It was a good time. It seems that when ever we are together there are many laughs. Good memories made and memories remembered. The cake I made turned out good, looks and taste. Here is a picture.

     During the clean up from the party I spotted something in the sky. And they were drones! At first there were two of them, one flying one way and the other flying the other. This caused quite a lot of excitement for me and my sister. These were the first ones we have seen. I never thought I would see them flying over such a small town like ours. They were either circling and coming back around or there were many of them because they passed over around four times or there were eight of them. It happened between 7:30 and 8pm. I tried to take a picture but my camera wouldn't zoom in close enough. This is a picture that I took. The drone is the tiny spec. Note no exhaust trail. And they made no noise.

     My niece was worried because she had never seen or heard of them before, she is ten. I was telling her that they are unmanned aircraft just flying around taking pictures of our beautiful country side. "Could they shoot us?" she asked." No." I said "We live in the great USA and they are being controlled by our government they would never hurt their own people." Did I tell her a lie?

                                                                         April Whitehair

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