Saturday, July 20, 2013

July 20, 2013 No apologies here.

     Good morning. Well actually almost afternoon now. I was awake earlier and started to type something and decided it was better to go back to sleep for a while. But now I am finally awake and everyone else here is napping. Yesterday my husband and I went for a long drive to a place where he will be working next week, just to see that we could find it and know he could get there without any trouble. I love long drives on back country roads. My Dad use to take my Mom and us girls on long drives to the middle of nowhere it seemed and we always had a good time. He would stop at a convenience store and buy us a soda pop and a candy bar or stop at an ice cream shop and get us an ice cream cone. We were always happy to get those things, it may have been a cheap mini vacation but to us it was an awesome adventure. Now with the price of gas it might not be so cheap. It is still the best way to spend the day with someone you love. Now with my mindset of prepping, survival, and homesteading it is a great joy to see others with gardens and chickens and the way they use the land they have. It gives me ideas that I have never thought of.
     I had recently read a story wrote by a man that had lived in a big city through a war in far away country and how he and most of his family had survived and what they do now to prepare for the possibility of an upcoming crisis.  It was a very interesting read. Even though he lived in a big city at the time, most of the difficulties he faced would be the same as the ones we all would have to face in the event of SHTF. Reading this has not only given me ideas of what to have on hand at any given time but has caused me to think more on the topic of the struggles America has faced. I have been reading about The Great Depression and stories told by those who have lived through it. And looked at many pictures taken during that time. Growing up I had heard about it but never really gave it much thought. Now I am encouraged by these stories and inspired by the strong people of our great country. And I have thoughts about how a depression of that magnitude would look in this day and age. It would look mostly the same I think but with lots of useless electrical appliances strewn about in yards. Notably I am thinking of a time where electric is no longer available, affordable, or only available to the few. Never learned skills of this generation will be in great demand and it seems to me suffering will be greater to those who are born and raised with the entitlement mindset. What a poor disservice parents have done in raising children to expect to be handed every wish and whim. I also must say what a poor disservice the educational system has done in not educating the young on skills that are necessary for basic human life. And only thinking of prosperity as a viable outcome.
     I must stop now and clarify that some of my thoughts and sentiments may not be accepted and agreed upon by those who read what I write, but to this I do not apologize. I only state my thoughts and the truth as I see it.
     As it seems the day is running away from me fast I shall go and try to capture what is left of it. Make this day a useful one and be proud of what you have accomplished when you lay your head on your pillow tonight.

                                                            April Whitehair

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