Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 1, 2013

     Good morning. Wow its August already. This year has went by fast. I got all the laundry done that I had started the other day and now Mom's closet is back to normal. I did something while cleaning out the closet that Mom found strange and you may also. I washed all the hangers. Yep in the kitchen sink with soap and water. Hay, hangers get dirty too. I am pretty sure she thinks I am crazy, maybe I am. All day long all I hear is "I want to go home." All night also. How do I explain to her that she is home. Even when I do and she remembers she forgets it quickly and asks again.
     Yesterday I walked up to my aunt's house and gave her some goodies from the garden. We sat and chatted for about a half an hour. It brought back memories when she lived right next door and I would go over as a kid and sit on her front porch swing and just talk for hours. She said that I looked happy now. That made me think how unhappy I use to look and be all those years before. It was nice to just sit around and have a conversation with someone who could remember the past and not forget what I said two seconds after I said it. She is a special person to me. I will have to make it a point to go up and visit more often.
     So I did it. I sighed up for that seed of the month club I wrote about the other day. And if what everyone else who posted said is right, I should be getting my first set of seeds today. I am so excited. Like a kid on Christmas eve. My husband and I have talked about what to do with the seeds I get. If I get seeds for some things that we don't like I will try to start only a few of the seeds and keep the extras for a seed store (prepper style). Then grow the few that I will start to learn how and collect the seeds and save them for my 'seed store' . This all I will keep an account of and be able to have information on hand on the growing and saving of these seeds if ever needed. FYI seed store prepper style is actually just a can you store seeds in. Not an actual store where you sell things.
     I have to go today help the church set up for the yard sale. I am gone to take Mom, it should be interesting. Oh well what else am I suppose to do with her. Plus this weekend is the city wide yard sale and I want to go. My husband has to work so I guess Mom will be with me. I hope to walk away not spending an arm and a leg. I just love yard sales. Hopefully I can find some good prepper items. Well I have to go and get this day started. Have a good day.

                                                                April Whitehair

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