Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 21, 2013 County Fair

     Good morning. I had such a good time last night. My husband took me out on a date to our county fair. I really wanted to go see the livestock show. Well I really just wanted to see the goats and chickens. I did get to see goats and chickens but I also got to see sheep, cows, rabbits, turkeys, and pigs. I so love seeing all the animals and petting all the little ones. There was a certain little all brown goat the my husband liked, he kept going back and petting him. I think he might be coming around to the idea of getting a goat. I told him we could get a goat that looks just like that one in the spring. He said 'Well we need to start getting stuff to feed him." I think it sounds like we may be getting a goat! He picked out some chickens that he liked. He had said he wanted the Rhode Island Red kind, but last night he picked the all black ones. I don't know what breed they were, I will be looking into it. I don't care what kind of chickens or goats that I get as long as I get them. But I would prefer a smaller goat, a dwarf variety. My aunt/neighbor likes the Nigerian dwarf kind, so I have look into those and I think I agree with her.
     Another thing that I wanted to see while at the fair was the quilts. I was disappointed at the amount of quilts this year. there had seemed to be lots of entries in the quilting contest in the past. This year I think there was maybe around 15. And most if not all were done on a machine. I prefer the hand made ones. There was other contests like canned foods, photography, garden goodies, and science projects. And I am sure there was other stuff also, I just can't remember everything. I enjoyed reading the poster on the science fair project about the goats. It listed everything you needed to know about raising and owning goats. I don't remember who's entry it was but good job. I also liked the entries for trapping with their furs, fox fur is so soft.
     No trip to a county fair is complete without a funnel cake. We found a new take on funnel cake there last night. It was called birthday cake funnel cake. It had the usual funnel cake and powdered sugar but it also had pink cake icing drizzled on top and sprinkles. It was awesome! It was definitely worth the astronomical price.
     A special thanks to my sister and her kids for hanging out with Mom while we were gone. Though we were only gone about 2 hours, it was definitely worth it. Sometimes we just need to get away.
     I have a busy day to get to. Have a good day.

                                                               April Whitehair

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