Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 14, 2013

     Good morning. Yesterday was quite uneventful. Just normal cleaning and laundry. Last night Mom's Alzheimer's was in full swing. She took all her clothes out of one of her dresser drawers and some out of the closet. Not sure what she was trying to do and she was unable to tell me. She said she was unable to think of the words. She slept maybe two hours. I ended up sleeping on the couch again, I just feel safer sleeping closer to her, so I can hear what she is up to.
     Prepper shows were on last night. I just love watching those shows. I think sometimes I like to watch them with my husband so I can show him that I am not as bad as some of those folks. I think they go overboard. Plans for the what if event is good, living your whole life, spending all your money planning for the what if is bad. I don't understand buying a lot of MRE's and large amounts of bulk food. I do agree that you should buy and have on hand things that you would regularly use. And rotate that stock and replace as you use. I know that if those prepper people from that show would come to my house they would think I had nothing in regards to prepper items. But to me I am doing ok. I believe that I can keep my household of three alive for about a month. Now that means eating a lot less than we would normally do. Probably eating only once a day. Yes we would actually hear our stomachs growling but we would not starve. I don't have a lot of water stored but I have the ability to catch rain water and I have a natural spring close by. I am probably the most lacking in the medical area. I have about a total of four bandages on hand and about half a bottle of rubbing alcohol. There are always areas to improve.
     On the show last night there was a woman who was against the use of weapons for self protection. What? I do understand that there is a religious belief behind that thought process. I will do what I can to protect my family. This woman on the show has a large camp ground, a lot of stored food, stored water, and a lot of people that are planning on relying on her. Umm I hate to say it but all her stuff will be taken from her during an event of difficult times. And it will be taken without much force. I also have a feeling that the people who have a lot of stuff and weapons will be one of the first targets for our own government. And now that they have advertised themselves on tv they will be easy to find and easy targets for common folk.
     I believe that there is a balance between having nothing and being naive to the world around you and having way to much and being overly prepared. Both will get you killed. Both presents dangers of there own. Finding the balance is my goal. And helping others think about the what ifs not only helps others but also helps me by having others prepared close to me.  
     I must go for now. Mom is needing my attention. Have a good day.

                                                                        April Whitehair

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